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Entrepreneur opens the market with innovative early childhood learning tools

14 yr old student starts innovative marketing…Know more…

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Newborn development is a key concern for many parents and caregivers. During childhood, the cerebral cortex develops rapidly, which affects the amount of information the brain retains throughout its life. However, while new parents ensure that their children receive the warmth, food, and care needs, there is not enough discussion about brain development.

14-year-old Avantika Kampani is a 9th grade student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. She innovated learning tools for young children to solve this problem. Despite classwork and exam preparation, this innovative young woman recently launched a series of educational tools designed to promote children's learning from the beginning.

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Under the DayOne program, Avantika has developed a brain development kit for children between 0 and 3 years old. Regarding how he was inspired to do this, he told Better India: “My first cousin lived with us for the first six months after he was born. Let me be by his side. Realizing how he can do more than just eat and sleep. He is always attentive, reacts to his surroundings, and looks for things with curiosity. Want to know if there is any point in encouraging this kind of behavior, I did some research and found that early brain development actually has a lasting effect on the child's growth. "

 Avantika's research shows that new parents lack available learning tools. In addition, careful observation and a strong interest in psychology have taught him that a large part of human learning occurs in the first five years of life.

 During this period, They showed impressive learning ability. The language is effortless and has experienced rapid development and change patterns. This is what he decided to take advantage of.

 So, under his DayOne initiative, he launched "Seekh", which There are six parts: at first glance, progressive account, touch and feel, building blocks, let's read and link. "These focus on your different cognitive potentials n baby is related to vision, touch, understanding and analysis abilities, from It can be cultivated on the first day."

 Based on how her own mother taught her things in her childhood, Avantika established a learning  system. She explained: "Each card in 'Love at First Sight' has its own complexity, allowing the child to see different things. This keeps their attention intact and helps develop different neural connections. These cards only use primary colors, because these They are the first three colors that children begin to see after black and white spots appear after birth.Vivid images and patterns also help improve their vision and understanding. On the other hand, Link Up focuses on basic object mapping. Each card has a word spoken out loud by the parent and the shadow of the object, so that the child can see and understand its appearance. Due to the weak understanding of color at this stage, different shades of color make it easier for children to connect with objects. "

`Seekh` is therefore not only a company inspired by children's learning, but also a well-thought-out company product

Under the guidance of the show, she also showed this idea to various investors. In the YEA USA competition, she became the An Indian who made the top three. "Sales is an extremely important experience in growing up as an entrepreneur. It even makes me feel more comfortable and confident in the competition," Avantika said. "Seekh" won him the second prize in an international competition.

This is not to say that the student's own learning has been impaired. She believes that she is a meticulous learner and likes to keep up with her work. She believes this adventure taught her the importance of time management and the growth trajectory in the real world.

 When asked if DayOne should have more innovation, Avantika revealed that the new product is already in production.

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