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Punjabi Cultural Tradition and Punjabi Cultural Diversity

Culture and Traditions of Punjab…Know more…

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Unique, colorful and luxurious, these are the characteristics of Punjab in the heart of India. Punjab culture is so popular and famous all over the world that it is in fact unstoppable. Delicious Punjabi cuisine will satisfy your taste buds like never before. Colorful and stylish clothes and Bhangra attract you the most. When you visit Punjab, you can experience hospitality and a warm atmosphere. Punjabi people are known to be helpful, hospitable, and proud people. They welcome everyone with an open heart (of course there is a glass of Lassi and typical Punjabi food). They celebrate their party with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, with delicious food, music, dancing and carnival. Punjab's beauty is as magical as it has become.

 Punjabi and Punjabi Sabhyachar

 Punjabi is mainly divided into two communities: Khatris and Jats. They have been in agriculture for a long time. But now, trade and commerce in the state are also open. A large number of people still follow the joint family system which now proves to be unique. It's easy to feel the feeling of oneness here because they promise to be together in times of sadness and happiness.

 Punjabis are very particular about their traditions and relationships. Each festival or ceremony has a predefined ceremony that is strictly followed. Be it a birth or wedding, a haircut or a funeral, observance of the ceremony is essential, as they can strengthen the relationship and show an adequate sense of social intimacy.

 Food in Punjabi culture

 Punjabi food is one of the favorite delicacies of Indians and other communities, rich in flavors and spices. The ghee in the pancakes was overflowing, and the food here is considered for the strong! Lassi is the refreshing drink here, also known as the welcome drink. This is very thick milk, especially for those who are not from North India.

 Makke di Roti (corn bread) and Sarson da Saag (mustard leaf curry) are other traditional Punjabi dishes. There are many other foods, such as Chole Bhathure, Rajma Chawal, and Paneer Naan, but one of the most popular foods is Tandoori chicken!

 Costumes in Punjabi Culture

 Traditional Punjabi costumes are colorful, unique and full of vitality. Women wear Salwar kameez (Salwar is pants and kameez above). These garments are beautifully designed and embroidered in a variety of colors at home. The man wears a very proud headscarf. Initially, Hindus and Muslims also wore headscarves, but now only Sikhs can be seen wearing headscarves. Kurta is worn on the upper body, while Tehmat is loose and bulky pajamas worn on the lower body. The preferred footwear is Jooti, ??which has been a traditional footwear worn by men and women for many years.

 Punjabi Folk Dance

 There are many folk music and dances that are very popular in Punjab and other parts of the country. One of them is Bhangra, which is also very popular in the West. This form of dance began many years ago when Punjabi farmers used to perform to welcome the harvest season. Giddha and Sammi, Luddhi and Dhamal are other popular dances in the area. Punjabi music is also very popular in Bollywood. Punjabis are famous for their carnivals, and music is an essential part of them.

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