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Is Dahi/Curd Good for Weight Loss? Find out how to get a flat stomach

How dahi helps for weight loss…Learn more…

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

We all know that curd has a cooling effect, which is why we consume curd after every meal, because our meals usually add many spices and seasonings. Milk curd is the best treatment for dehydrated body. It also helps treat indigestion. Besides, what better than a large glass of cold buttermilk in the summer? It can fill your stomach and make a great late night snack

 But wait! Did you know that curd can also help you lose weight? Don't you believe us? Well, scroll down for more details.

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 Curd / Dahi has many health benefits.

 Curd / Daxi to lose weight? Learn to have a flat stomach

 High calcium content in curd can maintain a healthy BMI

 For lay people, curd is a very rich source of calcium. Calcium plays a vital role in keeping BMI at a healthy level. This is why adding curd to your diet can help reduce excess weight and achieve your ideal weight!

 Curd is rich in protein

 Well, many people who want to lose weight prefer a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet to maintain these extra calorie intake. Therefore, if you are also planning to lose weight, curd is a good choice because it is rich in protein. In fact, protein also helps maintain muscle mass while reducing excess fat.

 Probiotics that improve metabolism

 A higher metabolic rate is the key to fast weight loss! Probiotics help to improve digestion, thereby improving metabolism. They help to absorb the nutrition and quality of the food we eat. When you are on a fat-reducing diet, getting all the nutrients from the food you eat is also very important for losing weight and staying energetic. Therefore, the probiotics present in the curd can facilitate this process.

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