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The Indian received a reward of 25 Lakhs rupees for his machine that can peel coconuts in 40 seconds

Innovative machine for peeling coconuts…Know more…

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

Sijoy is the founder of Koocos Industries based in Trisur, Kerala. It took 10 years to design this machine and it only takes 40 seconds to peel a young coconut.

 It all started ten years ago, when Sijoy watched street coconut vendors peel young coconuts by hand. "I noticed that street vendors selling soft coconuts on carts spend a lot of physical labor peeling coconuts, and most of them don't focus on attractive displays. I did some research to find out if there is any mechanical solution to cut coconuts. Although there are some, these machines only focus on young coconuts and are not suitable for mature coconuts with hard appearance," Sijoy said, adding that when suppliers buy coconuts in bulk, they sometimes receive mature coconuts.

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After 10 Years of research, Sijoy invented a mechanical device for peeling coconuts. This machine not only takes 40 seconds to peel a coconut, it can also cut the semi-hard coating into small pieces of 1 mm so that it can be used as Livestock feed.

To make this machine, Sijoy rented an old workshop near his home and rented heavy machinery, including welding machines, from the local Ministry of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (MSME). He used the technical courses at NTTF and the experience gained while working in Saudi Arabia to design the prototype.

 The machine is powered by a 500 watt motor, with a lever at one end to fix and release the coconut, and a rotating device at the other end to rotate the coconut. A sharp knife is placed under the coconut and is operated by a pulley system that moves from left to right. The other lever can lower the two sharp knives to cut the edges.

"The machine is equipped with a 100 mm blade and the entire housing can be removed in 40 seconds. After that, put the peeled coconut on the cutting board connected to the machine and scoop it out from top to bottom. The coconut is cylindrical in shape with a flat top and bottom for easy transport and storage, "Sijoy said, adding that the coconut meat and water are not affected. Consumers will have to use a sharp knife to open the top and remove the contents 4,444  2015, Sijoy applied for a patent with a prototype, which was approved in 2017. Under a registered company called Koocos Industries, it cooperated with several supermarkets to sell peeled coconuts for 30 rupees. Coconuts are provided by local distributors.

"It was perfect, I was able to peel 40 to 50 coconuts in an hour. But I stopped the distribution a few months later in preparation for the machine to be used for commercial purposes," Sijoy said.

To ensure that the equipment can accommodate coconuts of any size, Sijoy decided to modify some parts of the equipment. He also decided to upgrade to a 750 watt motor so that the machine can peel at least 60 to 80 coconuts in an hour.

"The business model is not yet on the market. However, once I complete the modification, I will distribute some models throughout the Thrissur area. Over a year's time, I will monitor the performance, make changes if necessary, and then sell the final model throughout India. "Sijoy said.

 KP Sudheer, Head of RAFTAAR Agricultural Comprehensive Business Incubator, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Kerala University of Agriculture, said: "Although there are other mechanical coconut peelers on the market, Sijoy's machines are high-tech and can crush hard shells."

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