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Comedy id Like Meditation Says Star Actor Pankaj Tripathi on His Latest Release Mimi

Pankaj Tripathi speaks his mind…get the details

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

One of those few actors in the world of Indian cinema who makes any role he plays seem effortless and easy on screen, Pankaj Tripathi never fails to win the hearts of viewers, no matter how big or small his role may be. He has surely come a long way with his iconic roles in films from Gangs of Wasseypur to Mirzapur and from Run to Mimi.

Such has been Tripathi’s journey that roles are now being written specifically for him. This is a great feat especially for someone whose initial roles in Bollywood can be termed as ‘unnamed’ at the most.

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So, be it movies or web series, Tripathi has won hearts of millions and it is certainly hard for anyone to pick just one favourite work of Tripathi’s.

In 2021, Pankaj has been so far seen in films like ‘Kaagaz’ and ‘Mimi’, the former being his first film where he pays the lead role. Mimi, directed by Laxman Utekar who also worked Mimi actress Kriti Sanon in Luka Chupi, has Tripathi playing the funny and witty Bhanu who springs the idea of surrogacy on Sanon and later walks with her through her journey as things get out of hand.

Recently, Tripathi spoke to the media about his role in the movie and how the director’s guidance helped him through it.

When he was asked about how he makes his character on screen come alive, Tripathi said, “I have met many people, I have lived in many situations. I have seen that world. So, it is all an experience of life. Life taught me a lot. So, it all comes from the learnings.”

Utekar also confessed to writing the character of Bhanu keeping Pankaj in mind. He said, “Before even getting started with the script, we were sure Bhanu will be played by Pankaj sir. The dialogues were written keeping Pankaj sir in mind.”

Mimi is a comedy – drama that has a message for the audience. For a comedy film to make an impact on the viewers, is rare. However, Tripathi explained that watching a comedy movie is like meditating and it has the ability to effortlessly make an impact on the audience’s mind.

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