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Anand Radhakrishnan, an Indian cartoonist, has won the ‘Oscars of the Comic World’: It feels good to be acknowledged

Radhakrishnan won the Best Painter…Know more…

Thursday, 29th July 2021

On July 24, Saturday, Visual and Illustrator artist of Mumbaibased, he has discovered that he had received the awards ceremonial delivery agreements from the donor donor industry.

"Is really nice. The tendency that I have a trend was to make a book around this time of last year. We ended up immediately my project when I finished, and to reconsider until it closes themselves after a few years.  So I feel strange that I am "recognized] for something that I ended last year. What I said is good to be validated by a great organization, he said he told this exit.

The Eisner Awards will be presented every year, Radhakrishnan It is called "blue in green. Award for artist (indoor art). With the British Coroast John Pearson.

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"RAM and I work together with other projects with a long-term collaborator.  Our career started at the same time. I covered the first self-control book called `Black Mumba`. After that, we made another book called 'Grafity`s Wall', and based on Bombay. Both projects tend to concentrate music. "

Artists explored" exceptional excellence "with" blue blue ".  "The hero is considered a failed musician, it is a story of devilatthecrossroad - .. You must give up something that is possible to achieve greater things and, so that you can get a great thing to surrender, it could become something terrible. In this book, you have been Attached supernatural elements. "

Interestingly, like Radhakrishnan, he also had a spoken for it, he did not always want to be an artist. "I want to be a doctor.  After my 12th standard, I received all the tests, but I did not go from any of the best schools. Ultimately, I decided to do this. "It's a straight trip," she concluded.

Dave Olbrichin 1988, established by the American Comics Editor, is awarded to Eisner Award to the creative results of US comics. The recommendation is generated by a jury, and will be voted by the annual experts of Comic de San Diego held in July. 

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