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Karnataka CM gets honored by his family through a musical welcome

Basavaraj Bommai gets a grand welcome from his family…get the details…

Thursday, 29th July 2021

The family of Basavaraj Bommai, the new CM of Karnataka greeted him with a grand welcome as he returned home last night after being made the state’s new CM. A video was posted showing the relatives of Bommai singing, enjoying and celebrating Bommai’s promotion and this actually confirmed Bommai’s claims that he was" lucky to have such a lovely family."

Mr. Basavaraj Bommai, aged 61, took an oath as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka today, succeeding the Ex-CM Mr. BS Yediyurappa who stepped down this Monday. Bommai was selected for this topmost post in the state at a meet of the BJP Party’s MLAs yesterday, thereby closing down several weeks of apprehensions and speculations regarding the exit of Yediyurappa.

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Back home, a celebration was planned in honor of Bommai by his family and they gathered to groove to very popular Kannada musical number "Neene Rajkumara", which meant "you are the prince". Mr. Bommai was seen sitting on a sofa amid all along with his daughter. In that video, we see the new chief minister smiling softly as well as blushing while others were clapping and singing along.

In the midst of the song, Mr. Bommai was spotted making gestures to his wife who was standing in the side with the other family members, asking his wife to come and join him.  Chennamma Basavaraj, his wife, responded with a smile and moved towards the sofa and seated herself beside him, while the others continued to sing and dance.

"My family is very dear to me, and I am lucky to have such a lovely family," the new chief minister said to NDTV prior to his oath taking.

His daughter stated in this context that he "always puts family first and I think he'll still do that."

Expressing her happiness over her husband becoming the new CM of Karnataka, Chennamma Basavaraj said that God’s blessings have made this possible."We feel that the hard work of Basavaraj has paid off. We feel that he will do good work as he had done during the Covid time," she stated.

"As a chief minister's wife I would ask him to do work that benefits all," she further added.

She said further that Mr Bommai had seen his dad work as a chief minister and that will probably encourage him to perform well as CM. SR Bommai, Basavaraj Bommai’s dad served as the state’s CM during the tenure of 1988-1989.

Bharath Bommai, son of Mr. Bommai said that he was grateful towards PM Modi, national president of BJP, JP Nadda and Amit Shah, the home minister for the promotion of his father.

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