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Lovlina Borgohain puts Baromukhia on the map for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

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Friday, 30th July 2021

Lovlina Borgohain, a 23-year-old boxer from Golaghat district in Assam, made a two-day trip from Army Sports Institute in Pune, where she was training, to her village Baromukhia in February this year. With her mother, Mamoni Borgohain, suffering from kidney failure and undergoing surgery in Kolkata, the Indian boxer made certain she was by her mother's side during the difficult times.

She hasn't returned home since, and now she can bring an Olympic medal with her. A 4-1 split decision over Chinese Taipei's Nein-Chin Chen ensures her at least a bronze medal in the 69kg category, making her only the third Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal.

It was a time for the Borgohain family to both celebrate and reflect on the difficult times they had endured. “Our greatest joy is watching Lovlina play, and the medal she brings back from Tokyo will be our prized possession.

Her mother was worried when both of her kidneys failed, and she couldn't sleep at night because of it. She wanted to be with her when we got the donor. Despite the fact that she could only stay for two days, she made sure to support the family. “It was a second life for my wife, and seeing Lovlina return with a medal from Tokyo will be a cherished moment for all of us after all of the difficult times,” Lovlina's father Tiken Borgohain told The Indian Express.


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