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Friday, 30th July 2021

The west coast of India, Gujarat is in the state of the country. Since the past age since the past age, we save its ancient history, culture and tradition. It is easily recognized through its energy, color and fun, and Gujarat is the ninth State of India of the population.

 To understand the absolute diversity of Gujarat and the unique culture, we jump to several aspects that define States and their people.

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 Heritage of Gujarat

 Gujarat is an art of rich heritage and cultural history.  The structure and monuments built in ancient art are high its dominant height. For example, the city of Sidhpur is exhibiting many centuries of relics through a colorful apartment that belongs to the Muslim community of Dawoodi Bohra. The ancient cities of the city (currently Vadodara) is a place where Gaekwad's family in his kingdom will establish his kingdom in the eighteenth century. The Barking Palace LAXMI VILASS in this city shows the architecture of Saracen inner.

There are several other buildings of bright palaces, such as the Palace of Naura, the Palace of Pragmahal, the Palace of Visavilas and the Palace of Rakota, and there is a secret view of the inheritance of the architectural traces. 

 Gujarat Architecture

 Mahabat Maqbara Mausoleum is an example of a wonderful craftsmanship of India's architecture. It was built during the 19th century Junagadh, a historic city at the bottom of Girnar Hills.

 The magnificent Jama Masjid mosque is located in Ahmedabad. It is an example of the ingenuity of the construction of the fines, complex details and wonderful design. The Sidi Bashir Mosque with the Jhulta Minara and Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is an exquisite monument to Islamic architecture.

 Toparkot The Fort returned to 319 BC and was built by Chandragupta Maurya.  It shows several ancient structures, including Stepwell Rock Rock Caves and Buddhist. The Ahmedabad Bai Harir or Vav, Adalaj Stephwell and Rani Ki Vav, are an example of spectacular grass to talk about attractive history.

Gujarat  Traditional Dress

Gujarati Traditional cultural dresses often have impression of ties and blocks. Paturola silk forms the essential part of clothing that represents Gujarati culture. The vibrant female costume of Chaniyakori is important between the festival, especially Navratri and Mayotz.  It is a long and heavy skirt, and Dupatta called blouses and Chunni Wears. Abhas is a typical traditional costume used by Kutch women.

 Gujarat Food Culture

Gujarat's cuisine is mainly vegetarian. Conventional meals consist of the preparation of Roti, rice, dal and plants. Sweet dishes like "gur" or jaggery and aam shrikhand as a dessert  There is the delicate most traditional and authentic of Gujarat, Dhokla, ThePla, Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu, FAFDA, Handvo, Ganthia, Khandvi, Gujarati Khadi. Pickles, Farsan, Chutney is a great accompaniment for a heavy diet. The traditional Gujarati dinner contains Khichdikadhi or Bhakrishak.

 Gujarat Art and Crafts

Gujarat Craftsmen Creates the most complex and colorful craft products. Introduce jewelry, indoor ornaments, beautiful embroidered clothing, furniture and Gujarat introduce creative crafts and skills.  The art and crafts of Gujarat are the power of cardinal classes to store their culture and inheritance.

Gujarat is Popular in music Guarat is often incorporating Bhajans with them. Sugam Sangeet has won world fame since recent years. The state has several instruments such as Turi, Ektara, Manjira, Jantar, Dhop, Prabhati, Ravanhatta. Baddy Tradition is an important type of popular music Gujarati. 

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