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Shraddha Kapoor completed a two-years vegetarian diet, understand the benefits of the diet

Shraddha Kapoor explained why she became a vegetarian…Learn more…

Friday, 30th July 2021

Actor Shraddha Kapoor Kapoor said that he has recently completed a two-year vegetarian diet. The Stree actress shared on Instagram why she decided to be one of them, emphasizing that her sympathy for animals and the planet is a driving factor.

"When we all celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, I want to share that I have completed 2 years of vegetarianism on 7/21/21. Because of my love for animals and the earth, I decided to become a vegetarian. It makes me happier and healthier.

 Is here to celebrate 2 years of making personal decisions for #ChooseCompassion. Sympathy for animals, the environment and myself, "she wrote.

 Experts say that while vegetarianism is a personal choice, it also has a number of benefits.

"Plant-based vegetarian diets contain more antioxidants than 64% meat, antioxidants can prevent the circulation of oxidized fats in the blood, reduce inflammation and arterial contraction ”.

 Shweta Shah , a dietitian and co-founder of diet planning app Fitza, asked a question about the difference between vegetarianism and a vegan diet. According to Shweta Jaiswal, HOD, nutritionist, Sharda Hospital. "Vegetarians are vegetarians, but have more dietary restrictions, especially in the consumption of animal products," he told the media.

 Shah agreed, adding that both vegetarians and vegans avoid poultry, meat and seafood, but "vegans go one step further and eliminate all animal products from their diet. This includes cheese, yogurt, cheese, Even honey and any animal milk".

 However, Jaiswal pointed out not to confuse, vegetarian and vegetarian food can be healthy. "The level of nutrition depends on three main factors: carbohydrates, fat and protein. Vegetarian and vegan diets can only be healthy if they contain these basic nutrients," he said.

 He explained that the saturated fatty acid and cholesterol content of a vegan diet tends to be low. Due to the intake of grains and legumes, vegetarians can easily consume carbohydrates and fat, but protein is often overlooked. "However, protein intake can be cured by consuming soy and other products," he added.

 However, it should be noted that Jaiswal said that vegans are at risk of nutritional deficiencies.

"Due to higher dietary requirements, vegetarians may be at higher risk of nutritional deficiencies than vegetarians. Studies have shown this to be especially true for calcium, which is found mainly in dairy products. But they can eat vegetables dark green leafy, certain seeds, fruits, and legumes to get enough calcium. "

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