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The face of a Covid patient puts Vadodara Hospital in a bind.

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Friday, 30th July 2021

A video shot by family members of a critical Covid-19 patient who is also paralysed drew harsh criticism from Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad (SSG) Hospital on Thursday. The video shows the intubated patient haphazardly shaking her head to get rid of ants emerging from the corner of her mouth near the feeding tube.

The civic body-run hospital, which initially denied the incident, later admitted that staff at the Covid-19 ICU have been instructed to maintain high hygiene standards.

In the video, the patient responds to her husband's questions with a slight shake of her head. Her face is swollen, and the feeding tube covers a large portion of it.

Her husband first asks her if she would like some tea or juice, which she declines. After a few seconds, her husband notices an ant emerging from her mouth and summons the staff nurse. He is seen showing the nurse the ants on his face, to which she responds by saying that the patient is cleaned once a day. The video then shows several ants emerging from the patient's mouth, and she is clearly in pain.

When contacted, Dr. Osman Belim, the hospital's administrative nodal officer, first dismissed the video, claiming that there was only one ant on the patient's face and that the edoema was caused by the heavy medicines being administered, not the ant bites.

“The patient, who is around 60 years old, is from Jambusar in Bharuch District and tested Covid-19 positive about a week ago. She has a high viral load and is on strong antibiotics. She has paralysis and severe co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity in addition to her paralysis.

She is experiencing edoema throughout her body, including her legs, as a result of the medications. She is a high-risk patient who has been intubated and is receiving BiPAP ventilation since her admission eight days ago. There was only one ant on her face, and the edoema is not the cause of her critical condition, as is thought,” Dr Belim said.

Dr Ranjan Aiyer, the Medical Superintendent of SSG, admitted that the lapse had been noticed and that two attendants at the Covid-19 ICU had been summoned for the same.

“We understand the sentiment of the family and we have passed on strict instructions to the staff that utmost care should be taken to ensure that hygiene is maintained.


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