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PM Address on One Year Anniversary of National Education Policy: Highlights

PM addresses the nation. Learn why?

Friday, 30th July 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through the virtual medium on Thursday expressing his felicitations on the completion of a year since the National Education Policy (NEP) was instituted. He said the country’s fate can be potentially altered with its help.

Alongside thanking the education community on the formulation and implementation of the NEP, PM Modi also enumerated some new initiatives that are to be appended in the policy, such as Academic Bank of Credit, Vidya Pravesh and others.

Some key takeaways from the PM’s address.

  • The NEP will act as a primary factor in nation building and the making of a New India.
  • The youth needs to be given an avenue to break out of old shackles and explore their own systems and own world.
  • 14 engineering colleges across 8 states in the country are offering courses in 5 different languages including Hindi-Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bangla.
  • The NEP assists in reinstating the faith of the country’s youth in India’s complete support for them and their spirits.
  • The recently launched Artificial Intelligence programme will ensure the opening up of an economy that is AI driven by making the youth of the country future oriented.
  • Students will have the option of multiple entry-exits that will ensure they are not constrained in a single course. This will help dispel misgivings that students may harbour about the viability of their choice of stream in the long run.
  • The kind of education that is imparted to a country’s youth goes a long way to decide the nation’s growth in the future in terms of how far it can go and how much height it can achieve. The new National Education Policy will play a crucial role in determining the course to a great nation building.

The Prime Minister also said in his speech, “We have also developed a tool to translate Engineering courses in 11 regional languages. I congratulate students starting their education in regional languages. This will especially help the poor, needy, Dalits and other backward classes.”

The NEP has replaced the erstwhile National Policy on Education that was formed in 1986, in a meeting that was presided by the prime minister himself and approved by the Union Cabinet last year. Its aim is to make the country a global knowledge superpower by laying the groundwork for schools and higher education systems to adopt transformational reforms.

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