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Scientists detected the light emitted behind the black hole, showing that Einstein's theory is correct

This is the first time we have seen light waves coming out of the other side of the black hole.

Monday, 2nd August 2021

Researchers can see the light that leaves the part behind the 800 million light away from the earth. According to the study published by the properties of the magazine, these light waves called "echo" are detected in the form of an x-ray. Better than the century, Albert Einstein can be very strong in the attraction of the severity of black holes, but not only confuse them, but can distort the magnetic field and bend the surrounding light waves in relation to the theory. According to the theory of Einstein, it should be possible to make the light wave emit from behind the visible black hole. This theory finally indicated that it was correct. 


Initially or simply placed, the black hole was considered an empty space. However, the theory was invested when researchers have discovered that black holes were a very small area full of many substances later. Think about it as a 10-time star and compress the size of the city with the large size of the sun in the sphere. This compression leads to a very strong gravity formation and can not escape even to light. Previous research folds light around the black hole.  However, this has seen the wave of light emitted by the first scientist from the opposite side of the black hole.


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Dan Wilkins, the University of Stanford Astrophysical, and the Coautora de Research said the light that enters the black hole does not disappear. So we should not see it behind the black hole you can see it, the black holes distort space and double light, distorts the magnetic field around itself.


Wilkins and the equipment used a special high-power X-ray tuning turbine to study the center of the black hole. Dungeon. Dungeon. Zwicky spiral galaxy 1. They found that light-shaped light is discharged from behind the black hole.


Several phenomena form a black hole when a large star explodes and collapses with a supernova. 


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