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Potential Third Wave of Covid-19 Likely to Hit Soon, But Will be “Weak”, Says Virologist

Third Wave of the pandemic is approaching…learn what the virologist has to say

Monday, 2nd August 2021

Although the Covid-19 daily infection figures have come down significantly since the second wave had peaked and the positivity rate has also dropped sharply to 3 per cent, experts feel the numbers could soon go spiralling up once again in no more than only a month or so.

Experts also say that once the upward trend takes rook, it could pick up pace quickly, something similar to what had happened during the disastrous second wave of the pandemic, and also drop sharply and suddenly if the right steps are adopted.

This time around, however, they predicted, vaccinations will have an important role to play as it will ensure there are fewer patients and mild symptoms, making the next wave much smaller than the previous one which had logged up to 400,000 positive cases of coronavirus on a single day.

However, they caution the authorities against getting slack with vaccination drives and have prescribed improved surveillance methods that will catch hotspots as soon as they emerge as well as remain vigilant of genome sequencing as there is much likelihood of new variants emerging.

According to Dr. T. Jacob John, former professor at the Christian Medical College in Southern Vellore city, “I would say that a new wave is unlikely, but even if it comes, it will be quite small compared to the second and first waves. Being alert is good, but being alarmed is not.”

He added, “The caveat is if a new variant more transmissible than the Delta variant comes, even then we will have a very small wave, but it can be avoided with vaccination.”

The Health Ministry said on Wednesday, India reported 43,733 new cases over the past 24 hours taking the cumulative figure to 30.6 million. With 930 more fatalities, the nationwide death toll stands at 404,211.

With the maximum caseload of daily cases being reported from Kerala, the southern state is said to become the next hotspot.

The third wave, according to many experts, could hit as early as August and peak in September.

The prime minister along with his government has assured of being better prepared for future outbreaks and potential waves and that the economy will not be hit as it had been before.

Ram Vishwakarma, an adviser at India's Council of Scientific & Industrial Research said, “This is the period which is the most critical because the next wave is imminent.”

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