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A R Rahman's first national awards trip is a story of struggle and simplicity

National award journey of A.R Rahman…Know more…

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

He has won numerous awards for his legendary genius. He is not only a visionary, but also a leading figure in the music industry. You ask him a song that surprised him, and he immediately said, "Ma tujhe salaam," emphasizing the fact that neither his own music nor anyone else's made him feel alive since. When asked who he attributed his success to, he humbly mentioned his mother and director Mani Ratnam.

Music Composer, Record Producer, Musician, and Singer - Allah Rakha Rahman is not just a name, but a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. We are lucky that it happened to us. As someone who has undoubtedly revolutionized the Indian film and music industry, Rahman's songs are relaxing, original, and instantly connect with a person's soul.

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Mozart of Madras competes once again for the Oscar, his work "Pele: The Birth of a Legend" has a place in the list of annual Oscar contenders. Rahman was nominated for an Oscar 89 in the category of original scores, which once again makes India proud.

Today AR Rahman is 50 years old, and we bring you a little known story about this maestro's journey to win his first national award (this is the first time a music director has won the first award!  was born in 1966 as Dileep Kumar in Chennai on January 6, 2016, AR Rahman had a humble childhood. His father, RK Shekhar, was a composer and director of soundtracks for films in Tamil and Malayalam. At the age of four, Rahman used to bring lunch for his father and watch him work.

Rahman's first job came when he was just nine years old, he accidentally played the piano in front of his father. Later, the record was named Malayalah by his father. The Malaysian movie "Penpada" is adapted into a complete song "Vellithen Kinnam Pol".

Shortly after, Rahman's father died. The burden of supporting the family fell on his young shoulders, it was his mother Kareema Begum who encouraged Rahman to stay strong during trials and follow in his father's footsteps. Begum also began renting musical instruments to support his family.

 Unable to go to school due to financial difficulties, he finally dropped out of school at age 11 and joined the company of music teacher Ilayaraja as a keyboard player.

 In later interviews, Rahman used to recall:

"When I was a child, music seemed to be a means of earning a living. He has no particular fascination with it. It is purely about work.

However, music soon became Rahman's only source of happiness. He is dedicated and hardworking, learning to play various instruments under the guidance of M K Arjunan (Malayalam composer and close friend of his father), and began to spend a few hours with his instruments. As a child, he appeared in

Doordarshan's Wonder Balloon, where he was popular because he was a boy who could play four keyboards at the same time.

In 1984, when his seriously ill sister was successfully treated by a Sufi saint, Rahman got to know Kadir Islam. In 1989, at the age of 23, he converted to Islam and changed his name to A.S. He told Allah Rakha Rahman about Kumar.

At that time, Rahman found a job composing song scores for Indian documentaries, commercials and TV channels. He later said that this experience taught him discipline, because writing needs to convey strong messages or emotions in a short period of time. One of his most popular songs is Titan Watches, in which he uses the theme of Symphony No.. Mozart 25 Rahman is also the keyboard player for Roots, the Chennai band.

Out of curiosity, Mani Ratnam asked Rahman to provide samples of his songs. The composer agreed and invited the conductor to his studio. Ratnam only appeared in the studio six months later, where the 24-year-old performed a piece that immediately appealed to the director. He did not hesitate to sign Rahman for the soundtrack of his next film.

In this age of music that is played and repeated through mixing and plagiarism, Rahman brings his works to life, to say the least, originality. Over the past 25 years, he has brought us one tune after another and to this day he remains one of the most influential music composers in India and the world. However, he is still unaffected by fame and mixes with friends, fans, and colleagues with incredible humility.

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