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Wednesday, 4th August 2021

Purushottam Sidhpara is one of many farmers in India who are engaged in organic agriculture or agriculture that does not use pesticides or chemicals. In addition to the quality of the product and the organic ingredients, what sets this 50-year-old farmer apart is his marketing strategy. lives in Jamka Village in the Sorashtra region of Gujarat.

He inherited his father's farm at the age of 18 and his business has grown exponentially over the years. From grains, legumes, spices, vegetables to fruits, Sidhpara sells almost everything in India and 10 other countries.

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When it comes to your marketing strategy, most people don't believe your claim that you never spend a penny on network marketing. What he adopted was their hospitality.

"Atithi Devo Bhava is an emotion that I take seriously. I invite my potential distributors or clients to my farm, where they can accompany me for a few days. I show them my cultivation process in detail and provide me with Meals made with crops and respond to all your questions without charging a penny. If you like the food you eat, we exchange numbers to place an order. I will also regularly provide you with the latest crop harvest news on Whatsapp. This helps to gain their trust and loyalty, "Sidhpara told The Better India.

The story behind how Sidhpara came up with this unique sales concept involves the local drought relief plan that attracted national attention 20 years ago.

East Unique agricultural method It is difficult to track the harvest in each cycle.

However, the main aspects of this agricultural method are the independent growth of plants and the fertility of the soil.

"Best soil management has 1518 essential nutrients. These chemicals tend to kill some of them together with insects. Forests thrive independently by obtaining nutrients from biomass. Cow manure contains millions of beneficial microorganisms. They It can decompose the dry biomass in the soil and convert it into nutrients that can be used by plants immediately. Manure also contains nutrients such as carbon, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, "he added.

He developed an anaerobic formula to make organic fertilizer. He put cow manure, raw sugar, whey and rice water in the digestion. A liquid spray. This mixture is sprayed directly to the roots with water.

These simple measures have increased Sidhpara's income by almost fivefold and have reinvested the profits into the manufacture of value-added products such as kimchi and chutney., Chyawanprash, ghee (from dairy cows), peanut and sesame oil, wheat flour, dals, etc. He claims this has increased his profits by 15%.

Bhavani Modi, who has been buying value-added products from Sidhpara for the past 12 years, said:

"Purushottam bhai products are reliable in terms of quality and quantity. They are always fresh, healthy, and taste different from what we buy in the market."


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