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Yami Gautam feels calm through yoga

Lotus pose is known to help calm down the mind…Know more…

Wednesday, 4th August 2021

Lotus pose helps calm the mind while increasing awareness and concentration. Celebrities have regarded yoga as an important part of their lifestyle. They emphasized again and again how yoga can help them feel better physically and mentally.

Therefore, Yami Gautam provides us with much-needed training inspiration through his daily exercises (including yoga).

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You can see actors from Uri: The Surgical Strike doing lotus pose or lotus pose. She titled her Instagram photo "Peace".

Although it is well known that this posture has many benefits for the body, such as opening the hips, stretching the ankles and knees, improving posture, and helping to keep the spine straight, but it also has many benefits for mental health.

This is how posture is also helpful to the spirit.

Yoga instructor Priyamvada Mangal said that it is well known that sitting posture helps calm the mind while increasing awareness and concentration  is called the ultimate meditation posture, sitting cross-legged, if practiced regularly, it will help relieve stress. Breathing in asanas helps eliminate negative emotions and fills the brain with positive energy. This also helps people stop overthinking.

The yoga instructor also suggested that good spinal health is a sign of good mental health. "Regular practice of this asana helps stabilize the spine, which is good for mental health because it helps ground in the mind," she said.

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