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Wednesday, 4th August 2021

A fort by the sea offers a mesmerizing view indeed. These forts are usually a mix of several things together. Those include adventure, architecture, thrill, history, and more. These forts were actually set up by the erstwhile kings to safeguard the highly important seaports since invaders coming through sea routes were a common thing in those days. And, currently, we see these tall mighty fortresses standing in the midst of the waves, leaving all of us in complete awe. So, when you set out on a tour the next time, here are some of the seaside forts you must definitely visit. Read on:


Bekal Fort, Kerala

This is a massive fort and is the biggest one in the whole of Kerala. It is located nearly 16kms southward of Kasaragod district of Kerala. The fort has been maintained almost perfectly across the year and the beach around has been made more beautiful. From the fort, stunning views of the surrounding beach could be obtained.


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Kolaba Fort, Maharashtra

This fort is Alibaug’s chief attraction. The fortress is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and dates back to 300 years. This fort has immense historical importance as during the ruling period of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra, this fort used to be a major station. The construction of this fort started in the year 1680. This fort is located within just 2kms from the beach of Alibaug. From the beach, you could reach the fort on foot wading through the waters during low tides while during the high tides, you would require a boat.


Diu Fort, Diu

The Diu Fort is a major tourist attraction of Diu. The fort offers an amazing view of the sea. There is also a lighthouse at this place and you could climb the lighthouse to reach the island’s highest point from where you could catch a glimpse of the spectacular surroundings. The fort’s interior exhibits many interesting vestiges and artifacts like cannons, wall carvings, etc.


Chapora Fort, Goa

This Fort is located at a distance of 22kms from Panaji. A journey to this fort is quite hassle-free. Those traveling on the bike can park the bike on the beach and then hike the way uphill towards the fort. The fort is open for visitors each day from 9 AM to 5.30 PM. Dil Chahta Hain was filmed at this very spot.


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