Nora Fathehi in Saree

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Nora Fathei Chikankari Saree with bold Red Lips

Nora Fatehi in Red saree looks stunning.

Friday, 6th August 2021

From the fashionable tracks in the Shoader dress, I check the photo to breathe to breathe in the ethnic atmosphere, so Bollywood Divan Fateen is certainly the way she knows how to illuminate the Internet with a sense of going out. There is almost everything she uses and there is no difference this week. It seems that an epitome of royalties, Nora is an elegance of 6 yards, and this time she embroided a Chicanquarium with a red border with a wonderful beige hand, and we are slightly driven by traditional avatar.

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The Asa of Social Networks of Ella, Nora shared a photo of Showing Ohal in a Beige Chicanquario. Huge embroidered embroidery, which has arrived in India, has worked in ZARDJI and Ivory. And, the red border that runs on the gold embroidery work seals the highlighted traditional Awadh.

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 Nora Equip Market Market Colored Blouse Equipped White and Green Stone, Golden Gold Stone, Silver Hand Sleeve, Silver Handle, and Cute Red Boundary, I examined her appearance with a rusty thick gold necklace. At his forehead.  Exquisite design Modern edge jewelry is credit by Sumit and Anmol Jewelry by Appala.

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The sweet wavy vein leaves and opened her back, Nora amplifies the great district with bold red lips, red cheeks, black eyeliner stripes, crimson eye shadows and flood eyebrows. Elegant pose in the camera, subtitles of Nora, "Binte Dil Misriya Mein ... (SIC)".

Saree is credited to the commemorative clothing label of Anjul Bhandari fashion designer in India. Signature pastel hue. Nora Fatehi was designed by the Stylist Maneka Rijón Hani, Shubhra Sharma, Chintan Shah.

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