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Friday, 6th August 2021

Abnormal cell division in any part of the body leads to cancer. Cancerous cells form any one part of the body that may spread to the other parts. Bone cancer is quite an uncommon cancer type.  When the bone cells start dividing and multiplying unnaturally, one develops bone cancer.

Cancers that originate in the bones themselves are called primary cancer and those that originate elsewhere and later spread to the bones are called secondary bone cancer or metastasis. Bone cancers could be of several other types namely, chondromas, sarcoma, etc. Bone cancers may also fall into two other categories: benign bone cancer and malignant bone cancer. Benign bone cancer does not spread to the other body parts while malignant bone cancers do spread.


It is crucial to learn about the various risk factors pertaining to bone cancers.

Different types of cancers have different types of risk factors. Some of the risk factors, such as smoking, can be altered. Other risk factors such as the age of a person or his or her family history cannot be altered.


But having any one of the risk factors, or even multiple risk factors, doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting cancer. There are many who do not get cancer despite having one or more risk factors. Furthermore, many cases of bone cancer just drop in from nowhere, without an obvious cause or risk factor. Most of the known bone cancer-related risk factors cannot be altered. Apart from exposure to harmful radiation, there aren’t environmental or lifestyle-related bone cancer causes.


Researchers have linked the causes of bone cancer to certain alterations in the bone cell’s DNA. Unwanted changes in the DNA may result in oncogenes which eventually lead to abnormal, cancer-causing cell growth.

Signs of bone cancer may vary but in most cases, you are likely to experience:



Prominent swelling on the site of cancer is one sign



Pain in the area of cancer is a common symptom. Initially, the pain might not be there every time but later the pain may turn out to be more constant and may worsen during movement or in the nighttime.



Bone cancer may cause bones to lose their strength and develop painful fractures.

A bone cancer diagnosis is undertaken through biopsy and radiological assays. Also, periodical X-Rays may be needed. For benign growths, medication may be just enough to treat the growth while for malignant ones; a specialized doctor’s team will attempt treating cancer through a combination of several treatments.



This treatment is utilized to destroy the cancer cells after they have moved to the bloodstream.


Radiation Therapy

This treatment is utilized to destroy the cancer cells locally and cause the tumors to shrink.


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