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Five Lifestyle Habits Harming Your Health: Not Getting Enough Sleep, Sitting for Long Hours, and Being Alone

Lifestyles habits that are detrimental to health…Know more…

Monday, 9th August 2021

Neha Mittal, co-founder of medical device company,

One Above, shared 5 habits that are as dangerous as smoking:

Affects sleep

Have you ever noticed how irritable and irritable you will become the next day if you don't sleep well? This is one of the side effects of neglecting the quality of sleep. According to health experts, we must sleep at least 6 hours a day to ensure that our body rejuvenates itself at a natural rate. Any compromise in sleep time will have a negative impact on your immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system.

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Eat foods rich in animal protein

Due to a hormone called IGF1, excessive consumption of foods rich in animal protein, such as cheese and meat, will promote the growth of cancer. The risk factor is equivalent to smoking. To avoid excessive consumption of these proteins, please add plant proteins, such as beans, to your diet.

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Sitting for a long time

Sticking to a chair all day at work is as dangerous as smoking. Studies have shown that sitting for a long time, whether at work or driving, is related to various cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Make sure you walk an hour or two before continuing with your work.


Although we do not consider loneliness as an important issue in normal life, it is true. Loneliness makes a person more susceptible to heart disease. Not only that, it can also cause other illnesses, such as anxiety, mood disorders, and even harmful addictions. Try to make good friends who will listen to you even when you are depressed.

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Tanning in a controlled environment

Many people have started tanning in a controlled environment rather than tanning in the sun. Sunlight causes skin cancer, but indoor tanning is also harmful. Stop going to the local tanning salon and start getting lots of sunlight.

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