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Cinema plays an important role in depicting nationalism: Akshay Kumar

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Monday, 9th August 2021

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar believes that the country's unsung heroes deserve to be recognised for their service, which he describes as the highlight of his upcoming film BellBottom.

In the 1980s-set spy thriller based on true events, the 53-year-old actor plays an intelligence agent with codename ‘BellBottom’ who spearheads the mission to rescue 210 hostages from a hijacked Indian plane.

When asked if unsung heroes in movies are the new face of nationalism, Kumar said, "Cinema does play an important role in showing nationalism."

“It is critical that we inform everyone about the risks that these people who do so much for the country take. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of BellBottom, which is about an unsung hero,” the National Award-winner said in an interview with PTI.

BellBottom joins a long list of Kumar films that combine high-octane stunts, which are synonymous with the actor's action star status, and patriotic fervour, including Holiday, Baby, Airlift, Kesari, and Mission Mangal.


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“With this film, I hope to show and explain the life of an agent, who are unsung heroes who work selflessly for the country without expecting anything in return. And how he manages to go unnoticed. It is a wonderful life, and more people should be aware of it.”

When asked about his feelings toward nationalism, the actor stated, "What I believe about nationalism, I show it onscreen through films, and that is what I want to say about nationalism."

Many heroes' contributions go unnoticed, so it's critical that they're recognised through films, he says.

“They are the unsung heroes, and I don't see why there shouldn't be more glorification of them. It should not be less, but if it is more, that is fine with me. They are deserving of praise.”

It's not that he prefers playing unsung heroes in films, according to the actor, who makes three to four films per year.

“I enjoy every location. I played a man who supports women in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and Padman, an out-and-out comedy role in Houseful, and a transgender in Laxmii. As a result, I have not limited myself to playing specific types of roles.”

The actor said that for BellBottom, he tried to make the character a little more glitzy in order to keep the audience entertained. “The film is about this mission and how these men saved several people's lives. These undercover agents are completely ordinary people. They are not like James Bond in that they act in a very raw and real way.

“For example, my character is not someone who jumps from one building to another. Because this is a true storey, everything is done logically. However, we attempted to make it a little bigger and more commercial (by adding some fantasy). However, 80% of the storey is true,” Kumar added.

BellBottom was the first film to be shot during the pandemic last year, and Kumar is grateful to the producers for shooting the film in the UK during Covid-19.

“We didn't have any problems. The producers deserve credit for taking a crew of over 200 people to shoot there while adhering to all of the necessary protocols. They took the risk of doing something incredible,” he explained.


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It is also the first Hindi film to be released in 3D and 2D on August 19 following the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Though cinema halls in many parts of the country have reopened at 50% capacity, Maharashtra, which accounts for a sizable portion of Bollywood's overall business, remains closed.

The arrival of BellBottom on the big screen, however, is the greater joy for Kumar.

“We haven't seen anything in theatres in two years. It's about time people came to watch movies, but with the necessary protocols suggested by the government. We just hope it doesn't close again,” he said, adding that he hopes cinema operations resume in Maharashtra as well.

His other film, Sooryavanshi, a cop drama, has been in theatres since March 2020, but Kumar says there isn't much he can do in the meantime.

“We have no idea what will happen. I'm at a loss for words. This is a problem that everyone in the industry is experiencing. There are so many people who are going through so much, and my problems are nothing compared to what they are going through.”

In addition to period drama Prithviraj, musical romance Atrangi Re, action comedy Bachchan Pandey, comedy drama Raksha Bandhan, and action-adventure drama Ram Setu, the actor has films in the works.


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