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Police Stations Are Hotbeds of Human Rights Abuse, Said CJI Ramana

According to CII Ramana police station are the hot seats of human rights abuse

Monday, 9th August 2021

The threat to Human Rights is the highest in police stations in India as here, custodial torture and similar forms of iniquity at the hands of police officers are still prevalent, said the Chief Justice of India N V Ramana on Sunday at an event while supporting a nationwide effort towards the “sensitization of police officers.”

It is said that even the privileged section of society is “not spared third degree treatment.”

The CJI, also the Patron-in-Chief of NALSA, a body constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to provide free legal services to the weaker strata of society and to organise Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes, said it is imperative that there is proper dissemination of knowledge about the constitutional right to legal aid and availability of free legal aid services, in order to keep police high handedness in control.

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CJI Ramana said, “The installation of display boards and outdoor hoardings in every police station/prison is a step in this direction,” and added that “NALSA must also actively carry out nationwide sensitisation of police officers.”

He was speaking at a function doing the launch of a legal service mobile application at Vigyan Bhawan and stating the vision and mission statement of NALSA. This mobile aid will be available to all and will especially help the poor in seeking legal help and applying for victim compensation.

The CJI said this is a means of “access to justice”. It has to be an “unending mission”, he stated and in order for the society to be governed by the rule of law, it is necessary to “bridge the gap of accessibility to justice between the highly privileged and the most vulnerable”.

He went on to say, “If, as an institution, the judiciary wants to garner the faith of the citizens, we have to make everyone feel assured that we exist for them. For the longest time, the vulnerable population has lived outside the system of justice.”

He also pressed on the point that the past should not determine the future and it should be a joint effort to work towards bringing equality.

Others like Justice U U Lalit seconded Ramana and said that apart from spreading awareness about legal services through post offices and police stations, Bar Councils and law colleges must also pitch in.

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