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Zanskar, the Hidden Gem of Ladak

The hidden gem of ladak.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021

The Zanskar Valley is located in a comfortable area of ??13,154 feet above sea level, it is a semi-arid area located on the north side of the Great Himalayas. Zanskar's pristine bodies of water, snow-capped mountains, and scenic landscapes that surround the area are the main attractions that draw tourists. The area is about 105 kilometers from Leh and is a hotspot for adventure activities such as rafting, hiking, paragliding, and more. In addition, centuries-old monasteries dot this place, making it one of the favorite places for lovers of monks. In winter, the temperature can drop to 30 degrees Celsius; therefore tourists should plan to visit Zanskar from June to September because the valley will still be covered in thick snow.


Places to visit in Zanskar

Rivers, monasteries, and snow-capped mountains constitute the beautiful scenery of Zanskar. As it is home to many monasteries, you should not miss visiting Sani Temple, Lingshe Temple, Tongdi Temple, Putar Temple, etc. Then you can visit the Pensi La Pass that separates the Zanskar valley from the Suru valley. Pensi La Pass is flanked by glaciers with beautiful scenery and can be visited from May to September.


Things to do in Zanskar

Zanskar is mainly known for its unique Chadar Trek or Frozen River Trek, which can be reached in winter. In addition, Zanskar is known for its dangerous terrain, suitable for adventure lovers, because PadumDarcha Trek, Lugnak Trail Trek, and ZanskarSham Valley Trek are some of the trekking you can try. The Zanskar River offers the best rafting experience in Ladakh, and motorcycles are another thrill that you can enjoy while visiting the Zanskar region.


How to reach Zanskar Valley?

You can reach this destination by plane, train, and road. If you choose to take a flight, you must arrive at Kushok Bakula Airport, the nearest airport to Leh. Then, take a taxi to the Zanskar Valley. If you choose to train, after arriving at Jammu Tawi Railway Station, you will take a taxi to Leh and then to Zanskar Valley. The distance between

Leh and Zanskar Valley are about 462 kilometers. It takes about 11 hours to take NH 1 and NH 301. After arriving in Leh, you can choose to rent a car to go to Zanskar Valley via Kargil.


Tips for visiting Zanskar

In view of the difficulty of reaching the Zanskar Valley, it is necessary to make the necessary arrangements in advance and pay attention to the following tips for easy travel.

You can easily find fuel pumps on the Srinagar Cargill Highway, but other than that, you will not find any fuel pumps in Padum, so please be prepared. Make sure to charge your vehicle at Kargil and charge it when you have the opportunity.

There is only one ATM in Padum Market when visiting Zanskar Valley. Therefore, you need to carry enough cash to ensure that you will not get stuck somewhere when your car breaks down or you want to experience something new.

Kargil and Padum have a government hospital in case of emergency.

After crossing three ports, your phone may not be able to connect. So be prepared!


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