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“30% of the money comes from Maharashtra,” Akshay Kumar says of taking a risk with Bellbottom and testing the box office with cinema halls.

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Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Akshay Kumar's highly anticipated film, Bellbottom, is about to hit theatres. Though Maharashtra has yet to open its cinemas, the rest of the country has begun to do so gradually. The filmmakers are, in fact, taking a risk with this film in order to test the waters and see how it performs at the box office.

Bellbottom is already getting the attention it deserves. When asked if half the job is done because of the positive response to the trailer during the film's promotion on August 9, Akshay Kumar responds, "This is one territory that you and I cannot guess." God only knows what will happen because going to the movies is now a popular pastime. It's a gamble. I'm just hoping that people will realise that when we watch a movie, we are looking at the screen rather than at each other. I believe it is less risky.”


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He admits that Maharashtra brings a lot of money, but it remains closed. Despite this, they are willing to proceed with a theatrical release. “As you can see, Maharashtra is closed. Maharashtra contributes 30% of the funds. In other states, 50% occupancy means that 50% of the remaining 70% is also gone. But we have to take a chance. I'm crossing my fingers that Maharashtra opens up before the 19th,” Akshay adds.

He gives an example of a recent release in the North, saying, "Recently, in the North, a Punjabi film was released." I believe the first-day collection was around Rs. 11 lakh. From Monday onwards, it was reduced to Rs. 35 lakh. To be honest, people are going to the movies to watch [the films]. There were approximately 50,000 people in the stadium just now during the India vs. England match.”

“I, too, am employed. My job is more dangerous than any other. I can't shoot with my mask on in front of ten people all delivering dialogue. Nobody is permitted to wear a mask - Woh mere pe thook raha hai aur main uspe (They spit on me and I spit on them) (laughs). As a result, we must work. From spot boy to everyone else wearing masks, it's a risky business, but we have to do it,” he adds.


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He is willing to take the risk in order to review movies and assist low-wage workers with their earnings. “I was very lucky to survive for a year and a half, and then I got COVID-19. See, it's simple for me to stay at home – I have the money, so I can just do it. But what about the employees? They, too, are looking for work. I finished five films between the start of COVID-19 and today,” he says.

After a long journey, Bellbottom will be able to reopen cinemas. The film will be released in theatres worldwide on August 19, 2021.


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