Benefits of Onions

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Great Health Benefits of Onions

Know the benefits of Onions.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Onions and garlic are actually staples in most people's kitchen areas. Whether you're cooking Italian, Mexican, or Indonesian, many dishes need onion and garlic. Onions not only add great flavor to your food, but they are also very balanced for you. Therefore, there are many main reasons to add onions to your diet regularly. We can share some of the health benefits of onions.


Benefits of Onion

Your Heart

Several studies have been conducted on the effects of onions on the blood. These studies show that regular consumption of onions can significantly reduce the risk of blood clots. In fact, there is obviously no cholesterol in onions, but they do contain many flavors. So, for example, adding onions to your meals is better than adding a little more salt. Salt is bad for blood pressure, but onions are only good for health.

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Risk of Cancer

This research is still a bit new in terms of reaching clear conclusions, but scientists at the University of Guelph have studied the effects of red onions on cancer cells. They claim that onions can kill cancer tissues because they contain a lot of quercetin and anthocyanins. Obviously, this cannot cure human cancer, but it is being studied whether adding onions to medicines is useful.

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Blood Sugar

The research is still in its infancy, but the researchers found that onions significantly reduced blood sugar levels in experimental animals. Experts believe that the sulfur in red onions will increase the production of insulin in the blood, thereby reducing the sugar content in the blood.

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Good Bacteria

We certainly prefer not to think too much about bacteria. There are many things that make you sick, right? Well, of course not always. There are many bacteria in our body that can help us stay healthy. Onions contain prebiotic fiber, which can play a role in the intestines. They always maintain the health of digestive plants and control the number of microorganisms. Onions also contain substances that stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria. These bacteria inhibit other bacteria that damage the intestines.


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