Corn vs Sweet corn

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Which is best for Health: Corn or Sweet Corn?

Corn Vs Sweet Corn.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Rain and corn have a special connection. When dark clouds cover the sky and it starts to rain, most people will want to eat corn ears inexplicably. The ears of corn, also known as Makka or bhutta, are grilled on burning charcoal and topped with lemon juice and salt to make the rain more pleasant. For those who do not like grilled bhutta, sweet corn may be a good choice. Whether it is sweet corn or desi bhutta, they have their own unique flavors, and they are both very delicious. But when we compare the value of nutrients and health benefits, people think that one is healthier than the other.


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Corn nutrient value

Corn or corn is as healthy as any other grain. Corn has a variety of colors to choose from, such as red, orange, purple, blue, white, and black, which are rich in healthy nutrients.

 100 grams of cooked yellow corn contains:

  • calories: 96
  • water: 73%
  • protein: 3.4 grams
  • carbohydrates: 21 grams
  • fiber: 2.4 grams
  • fat: 1.5 grams of corn

Carbohydrates are starch Main Source 30 80% of its dry weight. It also contains a small amount of sugar, most of which is sucrose. Although sweet corn contains sugar, it is not a high-glycemic food. Corn contains a considerable amount of protein, ranging from 10% to 15% depending on the variety. In addition, this grain also contains some nutrients, such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.


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The difference between sweet corn and Corn

Corn contains many nutrients, but the way it is cooked will change the nutritional value of grains. Recently, well-known nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal shared a long article on social media, revealing which of the two is healthier.

Experts say that sweet corn is cultivated from hybrid seeds and requires advanced resources to grow. In terms of nutrition, this corn is high in sugar and low in other healthy minerals and vitamins. Even the fiber content is negligible.

On the other hand, there are more than 3,000 varieties of roasted butta, which require the least water and fertilizer when planting. They contain more nutrients, fiber, and a small number of chemicals. The sugar it contains is mainly converted into complex starch that does not increase blood sugar levels. So Desibuta is healthier than sweet corn.


The benefits of eating corn

Regular intake of corn can have many health benefits. First of all, corn contains antioxidants, mainly carotenoids like zeaxanthin and lutein, which can promote eye health. Lutein also helps protect your eyes from oxidative damage caused by a blue light on laptop and mobile phone screens. The potassium content can help improve heart health and folic acid helps babies' brain development.

Corn is high in fiber and can prevent diverticulosis, which is characterized by small pockets in the wall of the colon. The main symptoms of this condition include cramps, gas, and bloating.


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The potential side-effects of eating too much corn

It is said that eating too much of anything is unhealthy, even if it is a nutritious food. Therefore, even if corn is rich in nutrients, you should limit your consumption because there are some problems.

Corn contains a certain amount of phytic acid, which will affect the body's absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc. Too much corn in a day is also related to bloating and constipation. Therefore, one ear of corn a day is enough to provide all the necessary nutrients without causing any health problems.


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