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Can Fruits and Vegetables Promote Brain Health?

Fruits & Vegetables for Brian Health.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Eating colorful fruits and vegetables is good for your brain.

A new study is one of the largest analyses to date and found that flavonoids are chemicals that make plant foods bright colors and can help suppress the frustrating forgetfulness and mild confusion of the elderly. Diagnosis of dementia. The study is observational, so it is impossible to prove cause and effect. Despite its large scale and long duration, there is increasing evidence that what we eat affects brain health.


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Scientists used data from two large-scale ongoing health studies that began in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in which participants regularly completed diet and health questionnaires for more than 20 years. The analysis included 49,693 women with an average age of 76 and 51,529 men with an average age of 73.


Scientists calculated their intake of about two dozen flavonoids, including beta-carotene in carrots, flavonoids in strawberries, anthocyanins in apples, and other types in many other fruits and vegetables. The research was published in the journal Neurology.


The degree of subjective cognitive impairment is scored using "yes" or "no" to answer the seven questions: do you have difficulty remembering recent events, remember things every second, remember a shortlist of items, follow verbal instructions, follow a group conversation, or finding your way down a familiar street Have you noticed a recent change in your ability to remember things?


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Researchers found that the higher the flavonoid intake, the fewer the questions answered. Compared to the lowest quintile of flavonoid intake, the highest quintile reported 19% less likely to be forgetful or confused.


According to the lead author, Dr. Deborah Blacker, Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard University’s TH Chan School of Public Health, these long-term findings suggest that consuming a diet rich in flavonoids early in life may be important for brain health.


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For young and middle-aged people, he said: “The message is that these things are good for you in general, not just for cognition. It’s important to find a way you like to incorporate these things into your life. Think about it: How do I find fresh produce and cook it in an appetizing way? This is part of the information here."


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