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OnePlus teases its dual-screen phone before the release of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

OnePlus’s dual-screen phone. Know more…

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Samsung is expected to launch a new Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable phone at today's Unpacked event, and it seems that OnePlus wants to grab the limelight. The Chinese company has released a sneak peek of its social media identifier, suggesting that it may soon launch a dual-screen phone.

Although OnePlus has not confirmed the details of the next device, the trailer shows a gap in the middle, so it may be a dual-screen or something brand new.


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So far, there are no rumors about any new OnePlus smartphones, which means that this may also be a concept device. When you see the trailer for the first time, it shows that it is a phone with a hinge, not a flexible screen. After careful observation, we can also see two screens, a volume rocker, a power button, and a physical alert slider.


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OnePlus may also plan to provide users with dual-screen accessories, similar to what LG did. LG has released several phones with dual-screen phone case accessories. They are LG Velvet and LG G8X ThinQ. Folding phones with cutting-edge screen technology is costly, so the company may plan to provide cheaper dual-screen phone cases.


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Judging from the trailer alone, it is difficult to say what OnePlus's thinking is. However, at least it must be confirmed that OnePlus will release this mysterious device at 10 o'clock this morning. Eastern Time (7:30 PM, India). This started at the same time as Samsung's Unpacked event. It will be interesting to see what OnePlus has planned for everyone.


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