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Amrita Vishwa Vidya peetham’s HuT labs Develop Robotics for a Cause

HuT Labs of Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham develops robotics

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Humanitarian Technology Labs or HuT Labs is an engineering research lab that uses automation for social causes mainly through Robotics, Health Care, Human Aided Devices, and Embedded Systems.


One of the leading research labs in India, HuT Labs has built developed some cutting-edge robotic technology that is targeted at a humanitarian cause. Some of these robots are Self-E, a self-driving wheelchair robot, Amaran, a coconut tree climbing, and harvesting robot, Mudra, a hand gesture-based wheelchair robot, Paripreksya, a search and rescue robot for disaster management, CHETAK, a self-governing and multi-tasking home assistance robot, among others.


A webinar conducted recently by Prof. Rajesh KannanMegalingam from the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering themed, ‘Advanced Robotics at HuT Labs’ was attended by aspirants and enthusiasts desiring an experience of hands-on scientific methods to conceptualize a robust methodology. In it, Prof Rajesh also elaborated to them the possibilities of automation and its application in some real-time problems.


Some of the items he spoke about are as follows.

1. Mudra, a hand-gesture based wheelchair

A robot that works without the help of a controlling joystick, can be navigated by the user with some simple hand gestures and easy control commands on a gesture pad that has been developed using low-cost IR sensors. It can help people who suffer from mobility issues set by strokes, old-age, spinal cord injuries, and other disabilities.


2. Chetak, A service robot

This is targeted mostly at people who are disabled or aged and are living alone as it can help them with regular chores like fetching water, opening doors, responding to queries, etc.


3. Amaran

This robot is a climber and harvester and solves an ever-increasing problem in Kerala of a dearth of coconut tree climbers.


4. Paripreksya, a search and rescue robot

This is a robot for natural land disasters and helps people receive timely proper treatment, that can save their lives. The team had also prepared three versions of this robot.


5. Annapoorna - a food and medicine delivery robot

With social distancing becoming a norm, this robot can be used to carry food, medicines to isolation ward patients. It can also be used in restaurants.


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