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From Swati to Rachana: 5 famous screen characters Samantha Akkineni came to life

5 Roles of samantha Akkineni…Know more…

Thursday, 12th August 2021

Samantha Akkineni has starred consecutively with Rangasthalam, Mahanati and Abhimanyudu, proving her value as an actor. After his 2019 movie "Oh Baby" achieved box office success, Sam played another famous role of Raj in "A Man With A Family 2", only breaking the limit and amazed the audience. He directed a lot of movies, relying only on his shoulders.

 In "Mahanati", Sam did not play the typical heroine, but she won the role by virtue of her outstanding performance. She has proven time and time again that hard work is irreplaceable. Let's take a look at her best screen roles, which explore her acting skills.

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 1. U-turn:

Samantha Akkineni plays the role of Rachana in the newspaper as a trainee reporter and performs effortlessly on the turn. In this gripping thriller, Sam played this tense role effortlessly. This film is a remake of the Kannada blockbuster of the same name.

 2. Jaanu:

This southern beauty proved her knack for choosing unique and challenging characters because Jaanu is a 96-year Telugu remake of Trisha Krishnan. Since the audience may eventually compare her to Trisha, the stakes are high.

 3. Oh Baby:

Nandini Reddy, the movie Oh Baby starring Samantha Akkineni, was released in 2019. Sam achieved the best performance of his career in the role of Swathi. It's arguably the most flattering performance of his career so far. It has comedy, commercial elements, emotions, etc., and it is a universal classic film worth watching.

 4. The Family Man 2:

Samantha Akkineni's "unbelievable" performance in her Hindi network debut The Family Man 2 left the audience speechless. In fact, many people even commented on how she overshadowed Manoj Bajpayee on Twitter. The stripped part and the challenging role are actually his strengths.

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 5. Super Deluxe Edition:

Samantha plays the role of Vaembu in Thiagarajan Kumararaja's Super Deluxe Edition, which is a surprise package. He stepped out of his comfort zone and amazed the audience with a role he had never seen before in the movie.

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