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Amarinder Singh Meets With PM Over Farmers Protest "Widespread Resentment"

Modi and Amarinder singh on Protest…Know more…

Thursday, 12th August 2021

Prime Minister from Punjab, Amarin De Singh When the captain met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he asked him to start the process of repealing the controversial farm law. Farmers have been protesting for a year. Mr. Singh also asked Prime Minister Modi to amend the relevant laws to include farmers in the category of free legal assistance.

Mr. Singh, who visited Prime Minister Modi tonight, delivered two separate letters, one of which called for immediate review and repeal of the three agricultural laws that have caused "widespread discontent" among farmers in Punjab and other states. They have been protesting. On the Delhi border since November last year, another seeks to include farmers among those eligible for free legal assistance.

In response to the long-lasting unrest in which more than 400 farmers and agricultural workers were killed, the Chief Minister stated that the protest could pose a threat to the security of Punjab and the country, and the anti-Indian forces backed by Pakistan are trying to exploit farmers. Dissatisfaction with the government, “the Punjab provincial government said in a statement.”

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The current turmoil has not only affected Punjab's economic activities, but also has the potential to affect the social fabric, especially when political parties and groups take a hard line," Singh said.

The government held several rounds of dialogue with the campesino union, which ruled out the possibility of repealing the law, but reiterated that it was open to reform. 4,444 farmers declared that they would only accept the cancellation of these laws by the government, which they believed would end their guaranteed income and benefit the business. They rejected the central government's argument that the law would lead to delayed reforms in the agricultural sector by eliminating middlemen and allowing farmers to sell anywhere in the country.

Singh said in his second letter to Prime Minister Modi that due to the fragmentation of land ownership and ongoing disputes with tenants, market operators and agents, farmers have recently faced more and more lawsuits. Scarce financial resources are causing pressure.

The Central Legal Services Agency Act 1987 provides free legal assistance to certain individuals who are considered socially disadvantaged groups. Singh said that farmers are also very vulnerable and are sometimes forced to commit suicide due to financial problems.

"Therefore, it is now necessary to amend Article 12 of the Legal Services Agency Act 1987 to include farmers and agricultural workers in the categories of persons entitled to free legal services in order to seek and defend in the courts to guarantee their livelihoods, "Xin said.., Ge said in a statement issued by the Punjab government.

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