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5 Indian motorized mountain passes higher than Hardenla Khardung La

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Friday, 13th August 2021

Did you know that the mountain pass in India is actually higher than Khardung La? Well, although Khardung La in Ladakh is one of the most photographed and passed passes in the world, it does not have the highest pass name. Compared with other mountain passes in India, Khardung La’s elevation of 17,582 feet is actually insufficient.


If this interests you, here are five motorable passes that are actually taller than Khardung La in India.

Umlingla or Umling La, 19300 ft

Recently, Umlinla broke all previous records and set the record for the highest passable road in the world. It connects Chisumle and Demchok, two beautiful towns in Ladakh. Those who are interested can stop the car and feel the beauty of these places. In addition, those who are interested in driving a car on this route need to obtain permission from the Indian Army.


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Mana or Dungri La, 18406 ft

Even Indian citizens need to get permission from the military in advance to cross this pass. Donggri-La is located on the border between India and Tibet and is a highway connecting India and Tibet along the Dongri-La Highway.


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Photi La, 18124 ft

This is the last entry to the tallest motor vehicle in the world, and what makes this pass so special is the beautiful Hanle village that it passes through in the Changtang area of ??Ladakh. Don't miss a visit to the Hanle Temple when you pass through town. However, to enjoy the journey on this route, please make sure to obtain permission from the Indian Army before departing.


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Kaksang La, 17841 ft

Kaksang La is located in the Changthang area, on the Mahe to Nama - Chushul - Pangong Tso route, which is a challenging road to say the least. This is likely one of the high mountain passes in India that is also open to foreigners. You only need to use the regular ILP / Protected Area Pass to drive on this road; no other permissions are required.


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Chang La, 17586 ft

This may surprise you, but Chang La is actually taller than Khardung La. Compared with the 17,582 feet high Khardung, its elevation is 17,856 feet. If you drive through this beautiful mountain pass, you will get a glimpse of the majestic and beautiful Bangong Lake in Ladakh. All you have to do is to wait until May and June when the Srinagarth Expressway or Manalile Expressway will open.


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