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Government Demands High Level Probe into Unruly Action by Opposition in RajyaSabha

The disruptive behavior of the opposition needs investigation, says the government

Friday, 13th August 2021

The Central government on Thursday demanded an apology from the Opposition for its “disruptive behavior” in the Parliament. This came a day after unruly scenes were reported from the RajyaSabha, post which the union ministers also said they were threatened against bringing in more legislation after the Constitution Amendment Bill.

The government fielded some of its top ministers to voice against the Opposition’s protests as an attempt to deflect attention from plausible action that would be taken after their misconduct in the Upper House, which, the government said was “so deplorable that these could not be addressed with present rules.” They are demanding high level probe and exemplary action against the unruly MPs.

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Minister of Commerce, Food and Textiles and leader of RajyaSabhaPiyushGoyal said, “Violent acts of the Opposition on August 4, August 9 and August 11 are not ordinary. These are extraordinary acts with deep implications. The act of the MP who climbed the table and threw a rule book at the Chair could have been a murderous assault had someone been sitting in that Chair.”

Goyal added, “Current House rules are not adequate to address such misconduct which breached all limits. We appealed to RajyaSabha Chairman today to set up a high-level committee like the one set up by former Speaker SomnathChatterjee, study all CCTVs and probe the intentions of the Opposition, their violent approach and arrogance of one family that they alone have the right on the country. All this must come out. The fact is, the Opposition had no intentions to run the House from day one and their actions bore that out.”

The Opposition’s charge that outsiders were entrusted with RajyaSabha security yesterday, Goyal stated some marshals were appointed to protect the RS property after the incident on August 4 when some women MPs had damaged property here and injured a female security officer.

The Centre demanded a public apology from the Opposition for their conduct on several occasions this month.

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