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Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan's new PHOTO gets viral; Acharya shoot wraps with two songs left

Acharya two songs are out…Read more…

Saturday, 14th August 2021

Father and son Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan share the same screen for the first time, it is one of the long-awaited movies. While Megafan has been working hard to expand, the latest updates and photos of the film took the Internet into a storm.

The production team announced that all the photograph of Acharia is surrounded by excluding two songs. Two songs are expected to be taken for the last time. With this update, it is emerging on the Internet from Chirranjeevi and Ram Charan, and is currently a virus. In the photo, the actors can see the rocks sitting on the rock, and you can dress the forest camouflage clothes in the attractive forest costumes and ponds in the background.

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This image is the prognostic test, the film of the Father and the Son created for the duo. Acharya, which was assumed to attack the theater on May 134, was postponed for the pandemic.

The manufacturer resumed shots and changing to the publication of production work by the second wave of post-traveler in Parronavirus.  However, the manufacturer has not yet announced the official issuance date.

Acharia is directed by Koratala Siva and Sonu Sod, Chirranjeevi and Ram Charan de Pooja Hedge, Kajal Agarwal, a star of Kajal Agarwal, Kajal Agarwal.

Acharya is produced by Ram Canaran and Anvesh REDDY under the production of cognids and the flags of entertaining in Matinee. Regina Cassandra uses Chiranjeevi to appear on a special dance number. Mani Sharma is making music.

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