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Kargil Hero Captain VikramBatra’s Tale of Valour to be Told By Bollywood

VikramBatra’s life story to be filmed…Learn more…

Monday, 16th August 2021

Leader of one of India’s toughest missions of mountain warfare in the country’s history, ParamVir Chakra awardee Captain VikramBatra is a name known in every Indian household for his valour during the 1999 Kargil War.

An embodiment of courage and determination, Captain Batra had laid down his life fighting for his country during the Kargil conflict under inhumane conditions and at an impossible height of 16,000 feet above ground level.

Captain Batra was honoured with the ParamVir Chakra, India’s highest and most esteemed award, posthumously for his efforts. His story, an inspiration for every Indian, has been made into a movie now. Appropriately titled after VikramBatra’s code name during the Kargil War, “Sherhaah”, the film has SidharthMalhotrain the lead role. KiaraAdvani plays the role of Dimple Cheema, Captain VikramBatra'sfiancee.

Here are somepersonalities who were an integral part of Captain Batra’s life and career and can be seen in the film.

KiaraAdvaniis playing the role of Dimple Cheema in the biopic, Captain Batra’s beloved who decided to remain unmarried after he was martyred in Kargil War.

Kiara had met up with Dimple and spent time with her learning about the many memories she had with Vikram. She said, “It was the best thing to meet Dimple and hear from her first-hand all the moments that they had shared with each other. It’s so beautiful and also a very unique relationship to be with someone who’s serving the nation. You don’t get to meet each other so often. Their courtship was of four years and during that time they must have met each other not even for 12 months. Back in the 90s it was so difficult to communicate. But it just seemed like such a pure love story to understand why someone would then take a decision to remain unmarried for the rest of their life!”

Vishal Batra, is the identical twin of VikramBatra. They were thick as thieves and Vishal has much to share. A childhood friend of Vikram, AmitSood will also be seen in the Vishnu Vardhan film. Soodis practising Law in the District Court of Dharamshala and still lives in Palampur.

Some other important people in Vikram’s life whose roles will be portrayed in the film are Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia, Major SubrataMookherjee, Rifleman Mehar Singh, CaptainSanjeev Jamal among several others.

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