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Giani: Giving Delhi's Favorite Ice Cream and Becoming a Refugee from Crorepati

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Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Left the income of his life during the split, but brought with him his experience of making traditional desserts. Little did he know that these skills would give birth to a multinational company.

Taranjeet said that his grandfather made all the desserts by hand and used high-quality ingredients. "Local residents and passersby love the taste, and the store earned the name 'Giani Di Hatti,' which roughly means Giani's Store," he added.

 This store is located in the wholesale market area, it is frequented by the middle and lower class, so the price has always been very affordable. Giani's has become so famous that even figures like Mohammad Rafi and Raj Kapoor, along with ministers, have become the first choice to satisfy your sweet desires.

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"In 1970, my father Gurbachan, Giani's eldest son, joined the company. As the number of orders began to increase, we needed to buy second-hand ice cream freezers and other equipment to store and maintain production," Tarangit said. Added: "My grandfather started this business with less investment in order to minimize the cost. The desserts are always handmade. But the increase in sales means we have to switch to mechanization."

Taranjeet entered the business in the 1990s Business and decided to expand beyond the commercial market. "The motivation is to reach customers in residential areas and provide services to different groups of people. We opened our first restaurant in Rajouri Garden to serve families and young people. In addition to traditional desserts such as falooda, halwa and smoothies, we now also offer ice cream. It helps us reach the younger generation because they prefer ice cream to traditional desserts," he explained.

 He added that the flavors and types of ice cream are constantly increasing and now include more than 100 varieties. "Over time, The customer’s habit has changed from treating ice cream as a dessert to eating ice cream after get off work, socializing and even entertainment," he said.

"We have a series of sugar-free ice cream, protein ice cream, and low-fat ice cream without added sugar. And ice cream. The high-tech equipment comes from the United States and Italy. We can confidently say that our desserts are world class. However, the price remains affordable throughout the process, "he added.

 He also said that some of the most popular desserts are Giani special ice cream, Belgian chocolate, Kuch Nahi ice cream, brownie, black forest, sweet hot chocolate, ice cream, cakes and kulfis.


"The older generation still likes mango shake, rabri falooda and seasonal desi ghee gajar halwa, while the younger generation experimented with various flavors. All products are vegan. A wide range of products are suitable for all ages. Everyone has something for him," he said.

Compared with other major brands, customers who prefer Giani ice cream have a similar sentiment. Delhi resident

Divya Sethu said: "My school friend and I have one Traditionally, we order a lot of Giani ice cream every time we meet. This is the perfect way to finish the meal. "added," If you compare it to other global brands, it will be much cheaper, but the taste is just as good. Their Belgian chocolate ice cream is delicious.

Taranjeet said it is this affordability that has been the company's USP for many years. "We want to keep prices favorable to the middle class," he said.

Tradition based on honesty

Taranjeet said that the company There are 40 stores in Delhi and the franchise model is used in other cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai and six other cities, and there are a total of 100 stores in India." arriving in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in December 2021., Orissa and Uttarakhand, "he added.

In the mid-2000s, the family split the business, Taranjeet took over Giani's business, and his uncle opened a new entity called "Giani's Ice Cream". "This is a common decision and we have a healthy competition. It is clear that many of our outlets are opposite or adjacent to each other. There are no complaints," he said.

Speaking of the secret to running a successful business, Taranjeet said that ethics is the most important thing. "He must be honest in his business with clients and they must always receive services with good value for money. Maintaining quality, hygiene and continuous innovation are the three pillars of my grandfather's business and they are our foundation," he said .

Taranjeet added: "60 years ago, my grandfather planted a sapling, which has now become a fruit tree. My job is to take care of it and inherit its inheritance."

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