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Sabyasachi responded to the open letter from the crafts department about the cooperation of H&M

Mukherjee’s collaboration with H&M, called ‘Wanderlust’

Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Mukherjee and H & M's The collaboration is called "Wanderlust" and features bohemian dresses, pants, T-shirts, dresses and sarees. The series is inspired by sanganeri prints from Rajasthan and other Indian artisan traditions. (Source: APH image / file)

About a week ago, Bollywood Brides gotodesigner Sabyasachi Mukherjee announced a partnership with Swedish ready-to-wear giant H&M. This collaboration pushes Mukherjee into the same alliance as Karl Lagerfeld, Giambattista Valli, Jimmy Choo and Versace, the latter partnered with the clothing giant to make their designs available to millions of people at a low fashion cost.

 Mukherjee's collaboration with H&M is called "Wanderlust" and features bohemian dresses, pants, T-shirts, dresses and sarees. The series is inspired by sanganeri prints from Rajasthan and other Indian craftsman traditions. When it went live on August 12, it was sold out in a few minutes. Although many people think this is a global victory for Indian design, the Indian craftsman community believes that this collaboration runs counter to the spirit of Sabyasachi.

 In an open letter to designers, textile revivalist Laila Tyabji, artisan collective Dastkari Haat Samiti founder Jaya Jaitly, Indian Crafts Council, Calico Printers Cooperative Society Ltd., Sanganer and others, they shared their views on cooperation. Follow H&M. , And what it means to the artisan community. "... We... deeply hurt Wanderlust's lost opportunity to make a living for the craftsman.

 The promotional materials suggest that the range is related to Indian handicrafts. However, the series is not made by Indian craftsmen and there is no obvious benefit to them. This is a rare opportunity to put Indian design and handicrafts on the world map and become a torchbearer of the regenerative economy.

In addition to many shops, stalls and shelves around the world with "out of stock" signs, imagine the huge potential of this story, if it says "Handmade in India", supporting millions of jobs, fair and sustainable growth The communities that need it most. Even if half of the collection is made by artisans, it will have such a big impact during an economic crisis like this pandemic..." they wrote in the letter.

Mukherjee from Kolkata responded to the letter and posted a story on his Instagram page explaining that H & M's capsule series is different from his "usual repertoire".... H&M is part of another mission, a mission to put Indian design on the international map. While it is certainly a great victory for me and my brand, I also understand that it is a great victory for me and my brand. A great victory for India ... "

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