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Wednesday, 18th August 2021

The valley of Pin is located in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti District. It is famed enough for its scenic beauty and its wildlife reserve referred to as the Pin Valley National Park. The Pin River is actually behind the formation of this valley. The ecosystem of the valley is totally different from that of the Spiti region. The beauteous nature of the place, the snow cloaked high Himalayan peaks at the backdrop make the vale a real Himalayan charmer. Alpine flowers and meadows, the serene ambiance, the salubrious weather all contribute to making Pin a magical destination anybody would just long to visit…here’s a brief Pin valley tour guide only for you:


Places to visit at Pin Valley

The chief tourist attractions of the place include the confluence site of the Spiti and Pin Rivers, the Kungri monastery, and the Pin Valley National Park. The confluence site offers a sublime view of how the two important rivers join each other. The monastery built in 1330 AD can even offer some sort of accommodation to the tourists. At the national park, you can spot some rare Himalayan animal species such as the Ibex.


Things to do at Pin Valley

There isn’t really much to do at Pin Valley. You can just relax and laze away the time gazing at the magical beauty of nature therein. Watching the beauty of nature here at sunrise and sunset is indeed something you shouldn’t miss. Then, you can take a stroll across the village exploring local life and culture and sampling some of the local cuisines. If you have an adventurer’s bent of mind, you can set out on a trek…some of the best treks to embark on here are the Pin Parvati Trek and the Bhaba Pass Trek.


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Accommodation options

Accommodation options include lots of homestays and guesthouses. At the famed Mud Village of the region, you can come across many such homestays and guesthouses. In the other two villages, Sangam and Gulling too you can get a couple of homestays and guesthouses. The pricing would roughly be around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000.


Where to eat

Tasty local food is served at the homestays you put up in. There are no eateries or dhabas at this place. So, the best place to eat good food is at the homestays themselves. However, don’t expect a lavish, grand menu here. Food will just be basic but will definitely be fresh and delicious.


How to reach

Pin valley can be reached easily from the locations of Dhankar and Kaza in Spiti valley. To reach Dhankar and Kazayou have to travel either via Shimla or have to take the Manali route. Buses are available from Shimla and Manali. Those opting for the train route must note that Jogindernagar is the nearest railhead.


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