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Afghan Cricketer Rashid Khan Seeks Support from ‘World Leaders’ for His Country

Rashid Khan seeks global support…get the details

Friday, 20th August 2021

Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan invoked peace in his war ravaged country. He posted a message on a social media platform on Sunday, when the Taliban entered the capital city of Kabul, where he wrote, “Peace”.

The star player had implored leaders of the world, earlier on Tuesday, to not leave his country in the lurch in this hour of ‘chaos’.

Rashid had written on his Twitter post, “Dear World Leaders! My country is in chaos, thousand of innocent people, including children & women, get martyred every day, houses & properties being destructed. Thousand families displaced. Don’t leave us in chaos. Stop killing Afghans & destroying Afghanistan. We want peace.”

Another player from the country’s cricketing team, Mohammad Nabi had also beseeched to ‘world leaders’ and sought their support in the face of an “unknown future” that awaits the war torn nation.


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The all- rounder cricketer had written in his Twitter post, “As an Afghan, I bleed to see where my beloved country is today. Afghanistan descends into Chaos and there has been a substantial rise in calamity and tragedy and is currently in humanitarian crisis. Families are forced to leave their homes behind and head to Kabul with an unknown future, as their homes are being seized. I appeal to the leaders of the world; please don't let Afghanistan go into chaos. We need your Support. We want Peace.”

Taliban militants found their way through the borders of the capital city of Kabul on Sunday. They announced that they would refrain from a forced take over and would await “peaceful transfer” instead. Residents however, were thrown into uncertainty and consternation by their arrival and they started to make desperate attempts at escape.

The presence of Taliban forces has been reported from three districts in the capital including Kalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told a news channel in the Middle East, insurgents are “awaiting a peaceful transfer of Kabul city.” He however, did not come up with details of any possible negotiations between his forces and the government, although he acknowledged they sought an unconditional surrender by the central government.

Attempts at pacifying the local population has been made by Acting Defense Minister Bismillah Khan, who said, “Authority has been given to a delegation that will be going to Doha (Qatar) tomorrow to reach an agreement on Afghanistan," he said. "I assure you about the security of Kabul.”

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