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Raksha Bandhan Special: 5 Brother Sister Duos successfully scripted in the entrepreneurial world

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Monday, 23rd August 2021

Playful pranks and pranks are all about the relationship between brothers and sisters, but what makes their connection unique is the love and understanding that binds them together.

From starting a food business to finding solutions for agricultural waste, the brothers followed their drums and thrived in the corporate world. This Raksha Bandhan, Better India highlights five brothers and sisters who are in the same boat and guide its success.

1.Shivang & Shivika Sood

These Pune entrepreneurs have been collaborating since 2017 to transform their mother's delicious kheer recipe into a mature commercial enterprise.

La Kheer Deli combines modern tastes with the comfort of traditional family cola.

"My sister Shivika was tired of eating only Kheer. On a whim, she decided to put a spoonful of Nutella and Oreo on her plate. The result was delicious." Shiwang, 27 years old. The plan started as a weekend dessert cart and became a franchise for the brothers who own six outlet stores in the city today.

Coupe Dry Fruit Kheer, Coupe Gulkand Kheer, Coupe Nutella Kheer, Coupe Mocha Kheer, Coupe Brownie Kheer and many other delicacies have brought them an annual income of more than 1 crore rupees.

They also buy their own seeds. According to Marketing Minds, the brand has sold more than 300,000 seeds since its inception. The team urged customers to plant seeds in the glasses that were left after eating kheer to ensure that the benefits received exceeded even their store's threshold.

2.Nikita & Arjun Hari

Nikita Hari and his brother Arjun combined their skills and enthusiasm to develop WUDI, a professional consulting company based on artificial intelligence (AI).

While studying in the UK, Nikita became Vice President of the University of Cambridge Graduate Union. By participating and solving the problems that graduates face and collaborating with different institutions of the university, he told the Deccan Chronicle how he acts as a channel between the university and the students. On the other hand, in the first year of IIM Kozhikode's MBA, Arjun tried to find out his career path. He's an educated engineer, but he's not sure what he wants to do in the field.

 3. Avantika and Mrityunjay Jalan

leave the city life of high-income jobs, the brother duo have literally returned to their roots.

Avantika and Mritunjay have committed to maintaining organic tea production at their 600-hectare tea plantation in Chota Tingrai, Assam.

Starting from their start-up Mana Organics, they have worked with rural Indians to continue transforming their homes into a platform that provides a sustainable income-generating platform for tea lovers.

"I want to recreate the Chota Tingrai model and show that organic and sustainable systems can play a role in tea. The 100-hectare plantation has become an organic plantation, "he told SheThePeople.

4. Nikki Kumar Jha and Rashmi Jha

Grew up in the village of Naya Tola Dudhela in Bihar. The two brothers witnessed the fact that the base Storage Insufficient facilities lead to severe waste of garden products

Rashmi and Nikky jointly built a unique storage device called "Sabjikothi" under their new company Saptkrishi.

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