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Bihar CM To Meet With PM Modi to Discuss Caste Based Census

Meeting to be held between Nitish Kumar and PM Modi…learn more…

Monday, 23rd August 2021

Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is holding a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in the national capital to carry out discussions on the issue of conducting a caste-based census. Kumar will be joined by a delegation of leaders from ten political parties and was also accompanied by RashtriyaJanata Dal (RJD) leader TejashwiYadav.

The Bihar chief minister spoke to the media ahead of the meeting where he said, “It is a crucial issue and we have been seeking this for a long time. It if works out, nothing could be better than that. Moreover, it would not just be for Bihar, people in the whole country will benefit from this. It should be done at least once. We will put forward our views from this angle.”

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Neither Kumar nor BJP leader Janak Ram divulged the stance of theruling party, whether they are in support of the proposal and said, “I'm part of the delegation led by Nitish Kumar Ji that will meet PM today. On the issue of caste-based census, whatever decision the PM takes should be acceptable to us.”

TejashwiYadav, Leader of Opposition said, “Twice resolutions have been passed in Bihar Assembly for caste census in the state. With such a census we can get data that can help in preparing relevant benefit schemes for people from different sections of society.”

Yadav further added that as the Centre has gone ahead with the OBC Amendment Bill, it is necessary for states to have a caste-based census for the implementation of the said bill.

Another member of the delegation and Congress leader Ajeet Sharma said. “Caste-based census is very important. If the reservation is made transparent, malice in society will go away -everyone will get to know the percentage of people in the creamy layer & non-creamy layer. It should be implemented across the country and not only in Bihar.”

What set off the demand for a caste census was a statement by the Centre in Parliament in July this year, that populations of only SCs and STs were to be enumerated.

This has brought on a huge demand in states like Bihar, where OBCs have been holding a dominant position in politics for ages, for a census of backward classes as well.

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