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Monday, 23rd August 2021

Forts make one of the most living emblems of our historic past. Many of the ancient forts have served as fortifications for safeguarding the kingdom and for keeping the rulers secured. Like all the other states, the state of Kerala too is dotted with many forts that reflect various stories of the by-gone historic eras. Given below is a list of some of the most prominent forts of Kerala that have survived the ravages of time most gloriously:


St Angelo Fort, Kannaur

This fort was constructed by Dom Francisco de Almeida in 1505. Almeida had been the first Portuguese Viceroy of the country. The other name for this fort is Kannur Fort. For the locals, this Fort happens to be a stunning weekend getaway. The Archaeological Survey of India handles the maintenance of this fort. From this fort, one can get mesmerizing views of the Mappila Bay Harbor and the Arabian Sea.


Thalassery Fort, Kannur

This formidable monument was constructed in 1703 by the East India Company. The Fort happens to be the gem of Thalassery. It has massive walls, richly carved doors, and secret tunnels within it.


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Bekal Fort, Kasaragod

This magnificent fort was constructed by ShivappaNayaka of Keladi in the year 1650. Located in Kasargod, this fort covers an area of 40 acres and that makes it one of the hugest forts of Kerala. The fort has the sea at its backdrop. The waves lashing against the shore conjure up a musical ambiance thereby making the setting out-and-out romantic. One must enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset while at the fort.


Palakkad Fort, Palakkad

This fort is also differently referred to as Tipu Sultan’s Fort. This fort was built by Hyder Ali Khan, Tipu Sultan’s father in the year 1766. At that time, Hyder Ali had been ruling over Mysore. The fort has been well maintained by the government of the state.


Pallippuram Fort, Ernakulam

Also referred to as Alikottalt, this fort in Kerala’s Ernakulum district is among the most ancient European forts in the country. The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1503 in the vicinity of Vypin Island. The fort is hexagonal in its shape and pulls crowds from far and wide.

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