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In addition to a fit body, there are 5 indicators to measure your fitness level

Measuring your fitness level. Know more…

Tuesday, 24th August 2021

In today's world, a person's level of health is defined by a slim body and abs. People who meet the criteria are considered healthy and strong, while others have been struggling to reach this superficial parameter. The truth about fitness level is that there is no one size fits all, and a slim body is definitely not the standard by which to measure it. Some people may be genetically thin, but they can be just as healthy compared to others. Your physique has little to do with your level of health and longevity. In order to get more accurate results, here are five things to measure and try to improve in order to maintain physical and mental health.


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Endurance is the physical and mental ability to carry out an activity for a long time. It is the ability to do activities without feeling tired and even feeling energetic after training. In sports and running marathons, physical strength is essential to complete the entire game or race without affecting performance.

How to improve endurance: To increase endurance, limit recovery time when performing any exercise. Increase the number of repetitions and increase the intensity of the exercise.


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Flexibility is another important aspect of physical health. It is defined as the ability of the joints or muscles to move in a wide range of movements. Being flexible can help you easily get through daily activities without hurting yourself. Although a person's flexibility varies with age, exercise can make a big difference.

How to improve it: You can easily increase flexibility by doing yoga and stretching exercises. The technique of holding your muscles and joints for a long time during these exercises can help increase your mobility and range of motion.


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Strength training can improve your ability to perform daily activities. Having strong muscle strength can protect your joints from injury when lifting weights in daily life. It can promote better balance and can reduce the risk of falls. In addition, exercising muscles can improve body composition.

How to improve: Self-weight and weightlifting exercises are the best ways to increase muscle strength. Also, walking and biking in the mountains can also be helpful.


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Can you balance your weight for a minute with one leg? If the answer is no, then you need to keep working hard. Balance is defined as the body's ability to prevent falls and maintain the center of gravity to provide support during certain exercises. It is essential for many activities in a day, especially for the elderly.

How to improve: All exercises that help strengthen the lower body and core strength help to improve balance. Try uphill walking and self-weight exercises.


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Maintaining good body posture helps improve your personality and keep your bones and joints in the best alignment. They can reduce tears in muscles and ligaments. Apathy, bent knees, and round shoulders are unhealthy postures that increase the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis, and neck pain.

How to improve it: Practice yoga and strength training exercises to improve your posture. Also, when walking and sitting, pay attention to your posture and correct it throughout the day.


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