Forbidden Places in India

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Forbidden Places in our country, kept out of the travelers’ reach

Places you are not allowed to visit

Tuesday, 24th August 2021

Do you know that there are certain parts of our country where visitors cannot go? Reasons such as an area-related dispute, or security concerns, and more, these areas are strictly forbidden for travelers. Even though these places are beautiful in their own way, they are kept out of the reach of travelers. Learn about some of those forbidden places that India has:


Barren Islands, Andaman

The country’s one and only confirmed volcanoes are present on this island. The island stands on the tectonic plates that are seismically active. The plates are situated in the Andaman Sea. One can catch a glimpse of this scenic island from a distance but you’ll not be allowed to disembark on this island. The island is called Barren Island as it isn’t inhabited by anyone.


BARC, Mumbai

BARC or the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre is located in one of the suburbs of Mumbai. It is a restricted place as it’s the country’s most significant atomic research center. For security reasons, BARC is not open to all. Only researchers and students can visit the BARC under special permission from the government.


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PangongTso’s upper part, Ladakh

Pangong Tso of Ladakh is an important tourist destination but its upper part isn’t visitable because that part comes within the disputed territory. LAC or Line of Actual Control in fact divides the Pangong Tso into two, with one part lying within the India-owned territory and the other part lying within the China-owned territory. Thus, only the Indian side of the lake can be visited.


North Sentinel Islands, Andaman

This island on the Bay of Bengal is inhabited by the Sentinelese, a fierce isolated tribe that survives on their own on this island and rejects any form of contact. It is unsafe to move towards this island because its inhabitants attack anybody who approaches them.


Some of the Lakshadweep Islands

Some of the Lakshadweep Islands cannot be visited by travelers mainly for security reasons and also for the sake of the interest of its local denizens. However, you could get a permit to visit a couple of the islands like Minicoy, Kavaratti, Agatti, Kadmat, and Bangaram.


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