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Realme Narzo 50A Realme Bluetooth Speaker will be launched in India soon

Realme Narzo will be launched in India. Know more…

Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Realme plans to skip the Narzo 40 series and launch the Narzo 50 as the successor to the Narzo 30 series. The next in the Narzo series may be Narzo 50A, as it has been seen on at least two certification websites. According to people familiar with the matter, Realme has obtained the Narzo 50A certification from the Bureau of Standards of India (BIS) and the National Bureau of Telecommunications and Broadcasting (NBTC) committee of Thailand. In addition, it is speculated that Realme will soon launch pocket Bluetooth speakers in India. The well-documented


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Abhishek Yadav posted some screenshots of the listing of Realme Narzo 50A on the BIS and NBTC websites. The model number of this smartphone is RMX3430, heralding the upcoming launch of the next series of Narzo smartphones. Yadav also said that Realme canceled the Narzo 40 series. I'm not sure if Yadav said this because he discovered the Narzo 50A or because someone familiar with the development hinted at it. In any case, the number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese numerology, so we may not see Realme Narzo 40.


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Although Realme Narzo 50A has two certifications, the release date is still unclear. The certificate just means that the phone is ready to go. However, considering that this is Realme, the phone may arrive sooner or later. There is no information on how much Narzo 50A will cost. Its predecessor, Narzo 30A, was launched in India earlier this year with a starting price of Rs 8,999.


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Also, there are rumors that Realme will soon bring its first speaker called Pocket Bluetooth to India. According to another reliable reminder, Mukul Sharma (Mukul Sharma), Realme plans to release this speaker soon. However, he did not say when. Realme pocket Bluetooth speakers can be available in desert gray and classic black colors, with an output power of 3W. There is no information on the price of this speaker in India, but we can estimate it based on the price in different markets. Realme launched a pocket Bluetooth speaker in Malaysia priced at RM 79, which is roughly Rs 1,400.


Realme is also preparing to launch various smart home appliances around Diwali in India. These include the robot vacuum cleaner that the company launched in Europe in June. Realme also recently confirmed that it will launch a washing machine near Diwali.


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