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Highlights from the August 24th Coronavirus News: Kerala registers 24,000-plus new cases roughly three months after India's cumulative Covid-19 vaccination coverage reaches 59.47 crore.

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Wednesday, 25th August 2021

The Covid tally for India is consistent with the country's existing trend of low daily caseloads. India has discovered 25,467 new Covid-19 infections in the previous 24 hours. Despite the fact that Tuesday's caseload is somewhat larger than Monday's, the number of new cases remains below 30,000 for the second day in a row. In terms of mortality in Covid, 354 people died as a result of various complications. The national recovery rate improved on Tuesday, according to the daily health bulletin. India's current recovery rate is 97.68 percent, which is the best it has been since March of last year. The number of current cases is also well below 4 lakh. According to government data, the country now has roughly 3.2 lakh active Covid cases.

While the data shows a constant drop in national Covid levels, the Centre has written to states once again to ensure that local controls are in place to prevent any corona cluster or outbreak during the holiday season. Even in high-intensity states like Kerala and Maharashtra, the overall data show that instances are dropping. The Center's most recent letter, however, emphasises the virus's unpredictability. One thing to keep in mind right now is that the Delta form of the coronavirus was discovered by Indian scientists about this time last year.

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