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Two ways to avoid laziness after meals

Avoid laziness after meals.

Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Rice is the staple food of India. Whether using rice flakes for breakfast or a bowl of lentils and curry, rice is an indispensable part of the Indian diet. However, did you realize that eating rice can make you feel sleepy and sleepy? Why it happened and how to prevent it.

Although it is sometimes possible to take a nap after lunch, it can be challenging when the course schedule and work deadline need to be completed during the workday.

If you don’t want to give up your favorite rice, don’t worry, the famous nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently shared a post on Instagram explaining why you feel drowsy after eating rice and how to prevent it.


Why does rice make us sleepy?

Rice is comfort food and has always been a favorite in various cultures. It is rich in carbohydrates and is part of a healthy and balanced diet. Although rice makes us sleepy for a reason, it doesn't mean it's unhealthy in any way.

All carbohydrates have a similar effect on the body: they are converted into glucose, which requires insulin. Once insulin is triggered, it will cause the brain to enter the essential fatty acids tryptophan. This process leads to an increase in melatonin and serotonin, which are calming hormones and cause drowsiness.

A perfectly normal nervous system response slows the body, preventing it from focusing on anything other than digestion.


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What you can do to prevent it?

Yes, there is a way to prevent this mid-day drowsiness. Here are two simple solutions.


Eat fewer carbs

Your meal should be 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% carbohydrates. You should add carbohydrates to your meals because they can provide you with energy, but to avoid sluggishness, you can eat less.


Have smaller meal

Serving control is the key. People who eat more rice than barbecue can make their food bigger and cause sleepiness. The more you eat, the more difficult it is to fight fatigue. Put a small amount of rice on the plate to ensure that the hormones that induce sleep are not released into the blood, which can make you feel tired.


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