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Law professors taught 5,000 slum children and helped them become nurses and engineers

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Thursday, 26th August 2021

When Dr. Lalita Sharma, associate professor of law, moved to a new location in Indore in 2009, she noticed a group of teenagers and children from nearby slums were playing, fighting in the streets, and wandering aimlessly. Having been an educator for 18 years, it hurts her a lot to see her children manipulate their future.

For many years, it has an army of 200 volunteers who have joined its mission.

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After a brief discussion with the local vegetable vendor dhobiwala and his maid, he learned that most of the children living in slums are left unattended because their parents work all day. So he decided to tutor four or five children and publish his work. He spent an hour or two a day teaching them school courses and soon discovered that he had 20 children from slums.

Currently, he runs a non-governmental organization called "Abha Kunj", which provides education to approximately 500 students each year. For many years, it has an army of 200 volunteers who have joined its mission. Sharma's intervention had an extraordinary impact. Her students have overcome developmental, social and emotional barriers, learning to become nurses, marketing executives, engineers, etc.

Tailor-made courses

When approached by parents, many people think that education will not change their destiny. Some people refused, saying that their daughter was destined to get married. In addition to addressing the concerns of her parents, she must also ensure that she will participate in the long-term.

"Due to poverty, parental quarrels, elder harassment, lack of compassion from school teachers, etc., children experience emotional trauma or difficulties at home. They need someone who can show up and accompany them every day or show them the possibilities of a bright future. I must be able to use it both emotionally and physically.

Education has changed my life

Many of Sharma's students return to teach more students after graduation. Sharma provides monthly fees for these volunteers to understand their financial background. It even invites experts from law, medicine, marketing and other fields to provide career advice, seminars and vocational training.

One of the students is Kajal Chandel, his last year at BCom. After her father was paralyzed, she was forced to drop out of school, but with the help of Abha Kunj, she returned to school.

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