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Can't say when the 4 cabinet seats will be filled: Government is working after Basavaraj Bommai met with Amit Shah

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Thursday, 26th August 2021

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj S Bommai met with Federal Minister of Interior Amit on Wednesday Shah and discussed national issues including political development. At the time of the meeting, several aspiring ministers, some of whom lobbied in the capital, expressed disgust that they were excluded from the new cabinet.

On August 4, Mr. Bomai added 29 ministers to his first cabinet expansion.

"I met Amit Shahji (Amit Shahji) and had a cordial meeting with him. I met with him in the expanded cabinet a month ago. I would like to know how the new government works," Bomai Tell reporters after the meeting.

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The Chief Minister said that he discussed governance and various development plans being implemented in the state.

"He (Shah) also suggested that I discuss political issues with (People's Party chair) JP Naddaji," he added.

Before meeting with Mr. Shah, the Chief Minister said that during this visit he had asked Mr. Nada for time to discuss national political issues, but that due to personal issues, he was asked to come next week.

Regarding the disgruntled lawmakers who did not win a cabinet seat, the Chief Minister said that on Tuesday, Anand Singh, who was in charge of (environment, ecology and tourism); and some leaders expressed their discontent.

"Some aspiring people have come here (Delhi) and they are pushing, but I can't say right now when the other four vacancies will be filled," he said.

BJP leader Balachandra Jakiholi said he came to Delhi to pressure his brother and minister Ramesh Jakiholi.

 Former ministers Mahesh Kumatalli and Shrimant Patil are other ministerial candidates.

 When meeting with Mr. Shah, the Chief Minister further stated that the Federal Minister shared some things about how to lead Karnataka on the path of development.

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